Sunday, June 15, 2008

More referral information!! (and father's day!)

It's hard to believe that last father's day, we filled out the application to adopt again. It was June 17th and we had just had our 6 month post placement meeting. I remember taking a family picture for our dossier in this exact location! I can't believe that this father's day we are celebrating Miss Kate's referral!!

That brings me to some more referral info I wanted to post :). This is all as of March 1, 2008. I just can't get enough of my sweet new sister. I cannot wait to meet her. Anyway... she is 26.7 inches tall and she's 14.7 pounds. So she is definitely a little peanut!! She was found 2 months after her birth with extra clothes and formula. This leads me to believe that her birth parents loved her and wanted the very best for her! It is said that she was pretty weak upon coming to the orphanage, so she was sent to a Children's Village where she thrived. From what we know, she is back in her orphanage. She is described as extroverted (just like AnnaClaire!) and a deep sleeper (Mom's loving that!). She supposedly "loses her temper" sometimes. She smiles readily and is very fond of her nanny. Her report is kind of hard to understand, but it says something about when she makes a mistake, she will lower her head, to tell her caretaker that she won't do it again. Then the caretaker will smile and nod her head. Sweet Kate then "jumps" and smiles, excitedly. Awwwwwwwww. She sleeps from 8-6 and takes a 2 hour nap. She can sit, crawl very fast, walk holding a hand, can stand alone steadily, and can pick up a "pill" from the ground. She puts blocks in and takes them out of cups and bangs blocks together. She can imitate words and knows what "no" means. She is active, restless, and fond of imitating. She likes listening to music and playing with toys. She has a very ready smile and gets along very well with others. She doesn't like it when its quiet! :) She is quick in reaction. She likes playing games and is very energetic! She sounds perfect and really sweet. I'm glad to hear that she has a PERSONALITY. Of course, who knows how accurate these reports actually are. AnnaClaire's seemed pretty accurate (other than that it said she could tear paper at 5 months old!) I just can't wait to meet her. She sounds like the sweetest and happiest little thing. I'm sooooooo in love!!

Secondly, I wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments. They really meant a lot. I will save them all for Kate and she will get to see them one day!

...How's the newest big sister, you may ask?! I have a really cute video of her introducing her mei mei. I will have to post that this week. I think she will be a really great big sister, although it may not be easy. She does talk about Kate a lot. We are trying our hardest to prepare her. I'm not sure she loves the idea of sharing all of her attention. It will be good for her though. She and Kate are 16 months apart, which I think is a really good age gap!

Lastly, I have lots of father's day pictures to post. Dad had said that we would get the new camera after we got Kate's referral. So... yesterday, we went and got it. We ended up getting the Sony a350. That is the one we had really liked to begin with and both camera people we talked to recommended it. It was on sale, plus included a good lens for a good price. We love it and are very pleased with the pictures we have taken on it. We set the tripod up to get some good family pics today and they came out well. I've posted my very favorite above. Anyway, I will post some more sometime this week. We have been very busy, which is good. Hopefully it will pass the time for LOA and TA. I'm ready to go get Katherine MeiLing NOW!

Thanks for checking in. Hope everyone had a really great Father's Day!


M's 玠玠 said...

What a great post! I hope your family had a wonderful Father's Day- celebrating Katherine MeiLing! She is so cute. I love the family photo- congrats on your new camera!!!
Jie Jie to Maura (AC's twin :) )

Melanie said...

Aw! She seems to fit with AC, I'm sure they will have lots of fun together. I can't wait to see AC video :)
Happy Father's day :)

Keri said...

That is a GREAT picture! It is missing just one person though! BTW~Claire has the same dress as AnnaClaire! Seems like I keep typing that same sentence over and over again...


StarfishMom said...


Catherine said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was a way from the computer this weekend and oh what a wonderful post to come home to!! Kate is absolutely adorable and those cute little cheeks are kissably sweet!

Congratulations to all! God is SO good!!!

Elise said...

Congrats to you must just be thrilled to death. The picture of her is just adorable and AC will have so much fun with her new little sister:)

Jeanette said...

Love the new family Father's Day...two sweet sisters from China in it!!!

Jodee said...

She sounds like the perfect addition to your family! I can't wait to follow your journey again!