Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thursday- Arriving at the Shore!

(okay so I have debated on how to do my posts from the trip... all together or day by day. I think just to be more organized I will do it day by day, although I will probably finish them all tonight. I do have TONNSSSSSS of pictures. However, I'm going to try to narrow it down to just a few of the very best.) We started the morning with some last minute packing and Will brought us to the airport around 9:30. We got to Newark just before lunch- starving. They don't even give you pretzels on flights anymore! Anyway, we quickly got off the plane, pottied, etc. Oh- AnnaClaire did great on the flight. She sat nicely in her carseat. We got off the plane and headed to baggage claim. As we were going down the escalator, I noticed two adorable Chinese girls. They were holding a bright yellow sign and I figured they were welcoming someone home from China. All of a sudden, I looked closely and it was a sign reading, "CHATTY SISTERS!" We had a nice little reunion in the middle of the airport. Of course the girls were a sight and attracted lots of attention. It was so fun to see everyone again. We hadn't seen Mrs. Keri and Claire since December 2006, when we traveled for the girls! They also had Laura, Claire's big sister, with them. It was fun to meet her, as she didn't go to China. It was also very fun to see Lucy and Mrs. Laura again. The last time we saw them had been Disney in November. Lucy and Claire have both grown SO much! After gathering our luggage, we headed to Ikea. We don't have any Ikeas nearby so it was fun to experience this store that I always hear people talking about! We ate lunch at the cafeteria there. However, it was so much more than that. The girls would not stop playing. They found every toy imaginable and would play and play and play. We could not get out of there! Finally we got them away from the slides, beds, peek-a-boo chairs, seesaws, tables... and it goes on. We headed to the shore house- about an hour away. Their house is awesome! It's in the cutest town and is very good sized with a big porch. The girls had so much fun doing bubbles on the porch! Lucy was so good to share all her toys and everyone loved her dollhouse, bubbles, wagon, and books! After lots of chatting, we grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. It was very good! AnnaClaire is not a huge hot dog fan, but after she finished her dinner, she stood next to Lucy and they thought it was the funniest thing for Lucy to feed AnnaClaire hot dog off of her fork! They were just laughing and laughing. I have a video that I will have to post at some point... it was the funniest thing. Then, AnnaClaire would get the fork and feed Lucy some hot dog. It really was a funny dinner :). We went on a wagon walk through the town after dinner. The girls had so much fun bumping up in down in the wagon! They were just giggling and talking away! We walked through the town which was so cute. It got pretty dark on the way home and the girls went right to sleep afterwards. It was definitely a good day...one we had looked forward to for awhile!

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