Tuesday, August 12, 2008

60 days too long

We've officially been waiting for our LOA for 60 days... 60 days too long. Hoping this week will be our week... And maybe our week for that long awaited update on Kate, too?

Meanwhile, we are just hanging in there. I am enjoying my last full week of summer. I don't actually go back until the 25th, but we leave next Wednesday for a school retreat (still not quite sure why we are doing that before school even starts... normally we start and then go?!)

Our grandma is coming on Saturday and AnnaClaire is getting baptized on Sunday! It's been long in coming, because we were looking at other Churches when we first got home from China. Our Church finally got a pastor and went through lots of good changes so we ended up staying there (we've been there since I was in 1st grade!) So anyway, we are finally getting AC baptized! It's going to be a special day!

We've done a little shopping for the little girls. Lots of cute little matching outfits :) The other day we were at Costco and saw tons of cute PJs for good prices. We got a few pairs (matching) for each girl. The picture is of AnnaClaire putting all of the new jammies into the washer... she loves to help Mommy do wash!

So... we are getting through this. Tomorrow marks two months since we sent our LOI and of course, today is 60 days. Hoping, hoping, hoping that we hear something in the next week or so!!


Jenn said...

60 days too long is right! Arghhh!

Me and my mom have been searching for long sleeve jammies. We might just have to check it out at Costco.
Do you know if there were any long sleeved ones??

jeanette said...

I'm hoping and praying with you guys! Our LOI went in on 6/13 (of last year of course) and got signed on either 8/15 or 8/17 (can't remember which!)..so I would think THIS is the week for you guys!! it's just gotta be. :)

Ahnna said...

60 days is a long time! but it will come. i was wondering how do you do your sig.?