Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pool Fun!

AnnaClaire and Maggie!

Sweet friends playing!

L and AnnaClaire!

We've had lots of pool fun with friends this week! On Tuesday, Mom and AnnaClaire headed to K and L's pool for the morning! We've seen K and L's mommy quite a few times so we finally got the girls together. L is even from the same city that our sweet Kate is from! AnnaClaire had a blast and told me all about it when she got home. (You can read more on K and L's mommy's blog!)

Then yesterday, Mom and AC went to visit Maggie at their pool! AnnaClaire and Maggie have played a few times and they are so cute together! I've heard that was a very fun trip and we are already planning one for next week!! (more on Maggie's mommy's blog including LOTS more pictures!)

I can't leave out another sweet family we've met in the area. I think I talked about them awhile back... the family in AnnaClaire's story time with a little girl from Chenzhou! Ever since that day, we've gotten the two girls together every Tuesday. Last week they went to this fun play center nearby with all sorts of areas with different toys... grocery store, vet, etc. AnnaClaire talks about it still... she had so much fun!

She loves all her friends and is always talking about them. She loves kids so much so it's fun to finally know a couple families nearby that have little ones her age!

In other news... it's day 55. I had lost count and then I was asked last night... 55 days too long. Hopefully it won't be too many more!


Jeanette said...

So glad AC has those friends with such a special connection! Looks like it was such a fun time!!!

Melanie said...

Looks like you're having a great summer! or had, not sure when you start back to school;)!
Seems like AC is a pool girl! Adorable:)