Monday, August 4, 2008

Life would be so boring without our girl!

She insisted that she get her shorts and panties on herself. When Mom asked her if they were on, she said yes. We didn't realize until after dinner that they were on... but her panties were over her shorts! We got a good laugh out of that :)
Our neighbor gave her a few little play vacuums and she loves this one! She pulled all the chairs away from the table and sat there "vacuuming" the floor!
If only it was a real vacuum... ;)

The pool is still her all time favorite place to be. She even took a three hour nap, knowing that she had to take a "really, really, really" good nap if she wanted to go to the pool!
This one is from a few days ago... her bunny is still her best friend... it goes everywhere with us!

I can't even begin to count how many times we hear that phrase in our house. Seriously, what would we do all day? :)


jeanette said...

oh my goodness! the panties over the shorts is toooo funny! :) I love her little grin in that picture.

Jeanette said...

Emily, she is getting so big. I can't believe she will be 3 in a few months!

Lexie said...

Thanks for the laugh AC! The panties thing cracks me up! We bought Karleigh Mei some big girl panties. Hehe! So much fun!

Heidi said...

Hi Emily,
I check in often but don't comment much. Anyway, thanks for all the fun pictures and stories of AC. I'm sure she missed you while you were gone. I LOVE your work on Amy's blog. Great Job!! Yours always looks fantastic. Praying that the LOA for Kate arrives very soon!

Catherine said...

Cute beyond words! Love the panties over the shorts. A creative little miss you have.

Sweet, sweet pic of her with bunny.

Dawn said...

Too cute Emily!!!
I hear you... but I might relax a little more.. hee hee
Love seeing the pics of AC!!
Your entries are always so much fun to read.