Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet baby girl!!

Oh what a sweet Valentines baby! This is my very favorite picture yet... look at that gummy smile! (11 months)
Beautiful, big brown eyes girl!! I love this one! !(13 months)

(they must love this outfit on her... see above!) Kate and one of her nannies outside during the earthquake memorial where all the houses made signs in honor of the victims! (14 months)

Kate and one of her nannies celebrating Children's Day with stickers (14 months)

Sweet girl all dressed up! (14 months)

Funny faces at 13 months! (notice the pink dress which she is wearing in our most recent pictures? She's wearing it here, over other shirts!)

Baby girl, getting a massage from her nanny! (5 months)

We were able to get in touch with someone who works at Philip Hayden. She sent us more pictures (I'm not including all of them, but here's a bunch!) and some info. Best of all: Kate/Shia is still at PHF!!! We have been praying so hard she was still there. Still not exactly sure why our update said she was back at the orphanage, but whatever! That doesn't matter because SHE IS STILL AT PHF! While we know she'll be moved back to her orphanage at some point, I pray that she is at PHF as long as she possibly can be. She is said to be VERY attached to her nanny. Also, she is "such a sweetie". I'm so glad she's still there!!!!!! We found out that she was actually with our chatty friend's daughter, but was just moved to a different home and is now with our new friend's son!! Amazing. Also, she never had surgery!! She was on a treatment that caused the puffy-ness of her angioma to go way down!! You can tell such a difference between the early on pictures and the recent ones. Her cheek looks SO, SO good!!! Praise God! Her angioma also looks lighter. Of course that doesn't matter to us, anyway.

We are praising HIM!!! We have over 30 pictures of our sweet girl from almost every month from 4 months until now. It's amazing to see how her cheek gets better in every picture. We think she is just beautiful and are so anxious to get our hands on her. However, we are so thankful that although we have missed out on 17 months of her live, for 13 of those, she has been in an AMAZING place with AMAZING people loving and caring for her... fulfilling her needs and doing special things with her. God is SOOOO good. Praise Him from who all blessings flow!!

So this is it for a few days. We have a school retreat Wednesday-Friday. I'm sure I'll be back on then... maybe even with more pictures?! Or possibly an LOA?! Please, God!!

Day 67!


Amy said...

Amazing!! I'm so thrilled for you!! She is so adorable . . . bet you can't wait to get your arms around her. Come on, LOA!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily and Pam and family!
This news is so wonderful! I will pray also that she stays at PHF for as long as possible. When we were in Langfang Dec.06 we stayed next door to the PHF houses there- the closest to us was House of Love. We have a few pictures of our Sarah doing things with the PHF kids from'05. Maybe Chayah has seen little Kate :}
We are watching for you to get RA soon!
Sarah Lu and Chayah's (almost) mom

Kimberly said...


Kate is sooooo cute!! You are so lucky to have so many pictures of her, from everyday things to special occasions. And even her birthday! I am praying that your LOA comes SOON and your TA right after that.

I know you are just longing with every bit of your being to be with her, because that is how I feel about my sweet Anna Kathryn.

God bless!

Desiree' said...

How very blessed you are to have so many great pictures!! Your LOA shouldn't be far off. Once TA comes watch out, we only had five days between that and travel!!