Friday, August 22, 2008

70 days.

Today marks 70 days. 70 LONG days of waiting to hear of our LOA. And unfortunately, we still don't have it. So much for things going faster because our dossier was SN only. Sigh. People who got their referrals the same day as us are leaving next week. And here we wait. Our agency as well as lots of other people got LOAs on Wednesday. Not ours... I'm glad I wasn't home.

It'll come. It's just so hard to wait and not know WHEN... knowing that your baby sister is getting bigger all while you're waiting for approval... just so you can turn around and wait for another approval! We are still praising God that Kate is at PHF, that she is still there, that we have over 30 pictures of her (and a few videos!!) but we are really praying for an LOA... and SOON!

We've already heard that CAs are just about booked for the months of September and October. If we got an LOA next week, we could possibly still travel at the end of October. Just really praying... praying HARD! 70 days is long enough.


Wife of the Pres. said...

Emily, I'm sorry. I know words don't mean much right now but I'm sending hugs and just know that it helped me to blog out my frustrations too. It is SO VERY HARD to not know when. It will come. The 70-day mark was hard. We felt like we had been skipped too as many with LID/LOI dates after us got theirs but we didn't. Just know I'm praying too. The TA wait is much shorter and wasn't nearly as hard. You are so close. Just hang on.

Hope for Lucy said...

We are counting the days right with you. This wait is awful. However, we have to trust in His timing. Howver, its so hard!
Praying you and I hearing something next week.
Green Party of 5ive

Lexie said...

Uh...this breaks my heart! I was hoping that SURLEY I would see a post saying y'all had the wonderful LOA. I am so sorry Emily...I know how it feels to have your baby girl growing up with out you! Tuff stuff...

right behind you...42 days.

Robin said...

OMG.. is she a doll or what!!! I cannot imagine having to wait so long either. Her SN seems so much less than the earlier referral pictures. (not that it makes any difference but I'm just sayin) I bet you all just can't wait to put your arms around her a squeeze those adorable cheeks. Sending prayers your way that you here from China soon.

ps. I will finally have finished my meme tonight

Amy Jo said...

Praying HARD!!! Love to the Horner Family :-)

Naomi said...

How hard it must be to see her face and have to wait so long!!! We are just at the beginning, waiting for PA, so I cannot imagine waiting 70 days. I will be praying for your wait and that RA would come next week for you!! I just realised that Kate is from the same province as our little girl. I wondered where exactly? Lydia is from Yifeng Social Welfare Institute. I also wanted to ask you how you manage to find out so much info on Kate. I cannot seem to find out anything!!! Not even what her name means!! If you want to email me, I would be SO delighted to hear from you!! We are with AWAA also. Email-
I have to say that Kate is so adorable!!!!
Blessings, Naomi