Monday, August 18, 2008

Wait! There's more!!!!!

Our precious girl... 7 months old!

Kate is in the corner with the white and red! Recognize the couch, mat, and floor from her referral pictures?

HE just never stops amazing me. Shortly after we found out that Kate is at Philip Hayden, I was trying to think of friends who visited there to see if they had any pictures of our little Shia. It dawned on me that our sweet friend, Jeanette had been there in November! So, I went on her blog and looked through the pictures. I found one who I was pretty sure was our Kate, but it was from a different position so it was hard to tell. Mom emailed Jeanette to see if she remembered little Shia. Sure enough, Jeanette did. Not only were the pictures (that we thought were of Kate) of Kate, but she also said that she HELD her! Yes, SHE HELD OUR KATE!!!

Here's what she said about her...

i held her. :) she was SO sweet and cuddly-but very tiny and petite :). unfortunately I don't have any other pics..but I'm attaching the ones I do have, which I had posted on our site. how God is it that the 2 pics of Kate that I have, I posted on the site...and 9 months later you would need them?!
oh I cannot believe I've held Kate. I KNEW her referral pics looked familiar -I just couldn't figure out why!!!

And it gets even better... She has VIDEO of her!!!!! Video of her CRAWLING!!!!!! They visited on November 1, so she was not quite 8 months old at that time.

It truly amazes me that 9 months ago, we were following Jeanette's blog and saw pictures of a precious little girl... not just any little girl... OUR little girl. Yet, we had no idea!

So, we continue to be amazed. It just keeps getting better. We also know that there is a picture of our little Shia Kate in the PHF calender in November. We haven't seen it yet, but have a friend sending it to us.

We still don't know if Kate is still at PHF or not... it is odd that our update said that she was at the orphanage and had been at PHF for almost a year... there are pictures of her on August 6 at PHF. She went in July... so that would be over a year. We are praying she's still there. However, we know that they bring the kids back to the orphanage before they are adopted... we shall see.

Right now we are thankful. Thankful that she has been nourished, loved, cared for, and gotten to do fun things like celebrate birthdays, the Olympics, and other Chinese holidays. But with all these pictures (we now have 19 total of her...) it makes us want her so much more. Praying for LOA this week!

Thank you again to those ladies who helped us find out all this info. It all started with a string of emails from Amy W. who was looking at her friend, Jocelyn's son, Elijah from Philip Hayden. she recognized Kate from the birthday album, where she was wearing the pink dress that she's wearing in our update. She then somehow figured out her name was Shia, which led to many more photos found of our girl. Thank you Charlene and Amy I. for all the info on Philip Hayden and how to contact people to find out more about Kate. And thank you Jeanette for filling in even more about our sweetie. I know you had no idea she was ours when you saw her, but I will be forever thankful for the pictures and video you got of her that day in Nov. Can't wait to see the video!

I stand amazed.

**see below if you haven't read it yet so you know what I'm talking about**


jeanette said...

I'm still stunned that we've met her..and not just saw her across the room, but that I've HELD her! I just cannot believe how wonderfully He has woven all of these paths's too intricate and too cool to NOT be of God! :)

Wife of the Pres. said...

Emily, this is AMAZING! God is SOOO GOOD! I have something to share. I know someone (she lives in our neighborhood) and she is working at PHF RIGHT now. She is there for a 6-month stay I believe. Her Mom and I are friends through our sons who are in the same grade. I don't know them super well but they have two sweeties from Korea and Janet's daughter (can't remember her name!) is there volunteering now! Maybe she could tell you more about sweet Kate and give her a special hug! And take some photos! I'll send your Mom Janet's email address through the SN yahoo group so as not to post it out here on the web. So excited for you and PRAYING for that LOA. I wish we could travel together. It is STILL possible!
:) Leslie