Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting Well!

Our friends stopped by and brought AnnaClaire a Get Well balloon the other day! It's really cute. It has a little pom pom nose and AC loves that. Also, thank you Lauren and family for the cards and pictures you sent. I'm happy to say AnnaClaire is feeling much better. We just found out that she has an ear infection... her first. She had told Mom her ear hurt, and when they went to the dr for like a check on how she was doing, the dr discovered an ear infection. So, we're still on the road to recovery... she has a majorly runny nose, but other than that and her ear, she's doing much better. Sleep is still an issue, but vicks vapor rub on her feet is definitely helping! She is much more herself, just really tired. But, atleast she will stand and not just cry to be held all the time! Thanks for all the prayers, we definitely felt them this past week!

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Elena said...

I am so happy that she is ok. An ear infection isn't too much fun either but at least you can do something about it. My whole family was on antibiotics when we got sick. They didn't help us at all but they made my parents feel better. Congrats on LID. Won't be too much longer now. : )