Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jesus in the HEART

AnnaClaire loves to come on my bed and play with her magnadoodle while I get on the computer (she knows she can't touch the computer, so her magnadoodle is like her computer!) Anyway, I was checking my bloglines and saw the above picture on this blog. AnnaClaire looked up and saw the picture. This is how the conversation went:
AC "That's JESUS GOD! Jesus in the HEART!"
Me: "Yes that IS Jesus!"
AC: "Jesus LOVES the boys and girls!"
Me: "Yes, Jesus loves all the children!"
(she looked at the picture and thought for a minute)
AC: "The children love Jesus, too... and Jesus in Heaven loves the boys and girls!"
Me: "You are right! Jesus love all the children, like you!"
AC (laughing): "Just like Jesus loves to type on Sissy's puter!"

Just had to share that :)
Oh, how I love this little girl!
Check below for a walk down memory lane!


Robin said...

That AC is such a smart girl! Honestly.. what a cutie! :0)

Catherine said...

Adorable!! Toddlers say the cutest things. Glad you capture some of them and share them with us here!