Friday, August 8, 2008


Olympic Countdown just outside of Tiananmen Square (12/9/06)

The infamous Bird's Nest, already far into construction (12/10/06)

Beijing Olympic sign on the Great Wall (12/9/06)

The China flag waving with the Wall and Olympic sign in the background (12/9/06)

Our family (minus Drew and AnnaClaire). You can see the countdown in the corner (12/9/06)

The day we have been waiting for, the day Beijing has been gearing up for... is here.

For years, this date has been a special one... the day the 2008 Beijing Olympics began. Even in December, 2006, they had signs and evidence that the Olympics were coming to their country.

8 being a lucky number in China, it was no wonder they picked 8/8/08 at 8:08 PM for the opening ceremonies to begin.

I am so excited for the Olympics this year. I have always loved watching them and this year will be no exception. I have to say with all this Olympic coverage and news on China, it makes me really miss China. I cannot wait to go back in the next month or two.

Not only does it make me miss China... it makes me miss Kate even more than I already do. Seeing her country and not knowing when we can get HER is not fun. When the Games are over, I will be sad... but I will also sigh a sigh of relief. We will be closer to our sweetie and the spotlight will be off of China... so they can kick into high gear with referrals, LOAs, TAs, etc. :)(Is that too much to ask?!)

So this year, we will be cheering on two countries in the Olympics... USA and China. USA for obvious reasons and China because that's the country where our two sweet girls are from!


Jeanette said...

We have the same title for our posts today!!! Celebrating for the same reasons and missing our girls together!!!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the link to Jeremy's blog! I added it to my post! Looking forward to reading it, I'm sure Christopher will be interested in it too!