Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So it is now day 74 and we still have nothing. I wish I could say otherwise... but unfortunately, there is still no news. We are really hoping for LOA this week. There are still three more days. Please, Lord!! I really don't want to make it to 80. Monday will be day 80. Hopefully we won't go there. There is a group of people with our agency who got TAs late last week. Unfortunately, they were unable to get their requested CA (Consulate Appointment) because September is booked completely shut. With all of the Olympic stuff and the trade fairs in October, September is a very full travel month.
(Sweet Caroline AKA "Scary, Happy Dragon!")
Anyway, I am heartbroken for them. Waiting a whole extra month is a long time to wait when you should be able to have your child. Special thoughts/prayers for Susannah's mommy who has very, very little info on her baby girl and should be able to get her in September but will have to wait a whole month. So, we are so sad for the families who were very hopeful to travel in September and now will not be able to.
However, there is some hopeful news (for us anyway.) They were given new (TENTATIVE) travel dates in early October. We have been holding our breaths to see if AWAA would send a group in October. Now we know they are... Do you realize how important it is that we go then?? Have I mentioned our visas expire on October 22? If we were able to go with this group, we would get back home the day our visas expire. If not, it will be November... and we'll have to pay to re-do our visas.
PLEASE pray along with us for that to happen. Well, first pray that these tentative dates will be concrete and this group will be able to go. Then pray that we will be able to join. So, we need our LOA and we need it SOON. TAs have been recently taking about 3 weeks. Come on, God!!! We are praying HARD right now... for many reasons that I have posted recently. God has been so faithful and I know he will continue to be.
On another note, I started school yesterday and I am already ready for summer. It's going to be a hard year and it is VERY hard to concentrate in the midst of an adoption. Missing two weeks will be very tough, but I'm going to try to keep up... I wouldn't miss our trip to China for ANYTHING. I already have a ton of homework... on the second day of school. All honors classes will be difficult... Okay, so you can probably see that I am not excited to be at school again. On a good note it's nice to see everyone again! :)


Lexie said...

My heart breaks for these families...

Praying that y'all get LOA this week!

Kimberly said...


I'm praying hard, too, that y'all will get your LOA and TA quickly-- and that we will all get CAs for early October. This is a different kind of hard wait from the first part of it, and I am so ready for us all to have our little ones in our arms.

Hang in there!

Desiree' said...

You will have it soon!! Hang in there. I know Sept. is booked but it is possible to go in Oct. especially if you are traveling w/o a group.

Jeanette said...

It is so hard to wait on God's time, especially when you know what is at the end of that wait...Kate! Remember that God has every detail planned just like He did when AC joined your family. He is never early, never late, but always right on time...His time! Praying hard for you all!

Kate said...

Prayers for LOA!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Emily, you are so sweet and thoughtful. I would LOVE to travel with your family. The LOA has just got to come in the next batch. I think it will be a big one and yours has to be at the TOP. Every day gets harder or at least it did for me during the LOA wait. We still don't know anything more about our travel dates. A week tomorrow. *big sigh* Hopefully we'll hear for sure today. BTW, I am going to email Janet's email now. I realized that I never sent it. I will also follow up with her to let her know you or your Mom might be emailing about Miss Kate!!! I LOVE the story you shared. God is SO AMAZING!!!
Major hugs and prayers for your LOA TODAY or TOMORROW!

If we do travel together, I will be looking for you and would very much like to meet you. You are such a mature young lady and I admire your walk with the Lord at such a young age. I know your Mom and Dad must be very proud you are their daughter. Hope school goes well and we'll all help you in China (or at least I can help with English; NO MATH for me :).

Wife of the Pres. said...

Emily, I have lost your Mom's email. I sent her two messages through the AWAA board privately. PLEASE have her check them. I promise it is worth it!! As hard as this day has been with Anna's passing, I am so overjoyed to share what I shared with your Mom!!! It is great news about my friend's connection at PHF! God is so good. I have been praying for Miss Kate since last summer and did not even know it until TODAY!