Saturday, August 9, 2008

SO Pwoud!

I have a bunch of pictures to post but I wanted to start with these of my little swimmer. First of all, let me say that you would think she would be very brave and a big dare devil, considering her personality... but oh no she is not! The pool is her favorite place to be... as long as she is held onto (or in the baby pool.) Well, yesterday I worked with her on swimming. We have tried her floaties before and she would freak out when I let go of her. I tried telling her that it was okay because her floaties kept her floating above the water. However, she wanted nothing to do with them.
I told her that if we were going to go to the pool, we were going to wear floaties. She agreed and I put them on her while she happily walked over to the stairs. I worked with her and she wanted nothing to do with "swimming" a foot to me. After a few tears, finally she tried it... did great. I asked her to do it again, "NOOOOOOO SISSY! NOOOOOOOOO SWIM!" I told her that we would just go straight into the water and swim, then. She seemed fine and so that's what we did. I held onto her and she, of course, latched her hands onto my arms. I told her to let go and kick really hard. She would kick, kick, kick and I would let go. She swam from one wall to the other and back! I was so proud of her!
By the end of our pool trip, she was BEGGING me to swim some more! She LOVED it. We called Mom and told her to come in when she came to get us so she could see something new that Boo learned. She was SO excited for Mommy to come and see her. She kept telling me that, "Mommy be SO pwoud! SO pwoud!!" When Mom and Dad walked in, she started squealing, "WATCH ME!" She then showed off her new skills and proudly looked up once she touched the wall... She did so good and yes, we were all "SO pwoud!" We still need to work on taking the floaties off and swimming, but that might be awhile. But for now, we are "SO pwoud of our little "sish!"


Lexie said...

How great!! That is something to be pwoud of! :0)

Great job AC!

Jeanette said...

Good job AC!!! For a moment I was shocked to see AC without a bow in the first few just didn't look like her! Of course I was relieved to see it in the third picture on the back of her head. Whew! :) AC is our SBB queen!!!