Monday, January 12, 2009

Forever Family Days!

Three special families are in China right now and received their beautiful girls today...
We traveled with the D family when we adopted AnnaClaire and they were adopting Bekah. Bekah is just a week younger than AnnaClaire and their new little one, Leah is just 2 months younger than Kate! The D's have become very good friends of ours and I am so happy that Bekah just got her little sister! Isn't Leah absolutely BEAUTIFUL??
We also traveled with the S family when we adopted AnnaClaire. They were adopting sweet Sarah Lu at that time and now Sarah and her parents are back in China adopting Miss Chayah! Sarah and Chayah's big sister, Staci, is a good friend of mine and I am SOOO happy for her and her beautiful new sister, Chayah! Isn't she gorgeous... and could she look any happier?
This is sweet Ashley Mei, the beautiful daughter of a family whose blog I have following for the past 2 years! Her mommy had emailed me a few months after we got back from China with AC, telling me that our story had played a part in their decision to adopt special needs! Their dossier went to China about that time ours did for Kate and they received their referral the month after us for their sweet girl, Ashley. I would've loved to travel with them but am loving following their trip and so happy to see the F family with their sweet Ashley-girl!

Watching families form just never gets old. I'm not sure it ever will. I still get tears in my eyes watching gotcha videos, seeing gotcha day pictures, etc. It is an UNFORGETTABLE moment and such a miracle. I just love seeing families come together... even if I can only do so through blogs and websites. Happy forever family day to these special families! We love you all and are praying for a safe and good trip and an easy transition for your kiddos :)

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