Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet Emily

This is beautiful Emily MengYan! I know I have talked about her before, but just to refresh you... She lives at Shepherd's Field (PHF) where Kate lived for 15 months. She captured my heart a few months ago and I began sponsoring her. When we visited Shepherd's Field in October, I was able to meet her and was also told that she had just been matched with a family! Needless to say, I was soooo excited that this precious little 3 year old who I had fallen in love with was getting a family of her own.

Fast forward to this week when I saw a post her family had made on the PHF yahoo group. Yes, her FAMILY!! I am so excited that sweet Emily has a mommy, daddy, and six brothers and sisters waiting for her to come home!

I did want to ask for prayers for Miss Emily. Not only has she been sick, but she has thalessemia which requires blood transfusions. (She has been getting those in China.) However, she really needs to be HOME where she can get all the treatments she needs. So I ask you to pray that she come home in record time. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as they wait to bring this special little girl home!


Global Girl said...

Is that ever funny. Earlier this week, I emailed PH asking if she still needed sponsors!

Lisa said...

I'll be praying for her. May God bring her home quickly! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to lift up her and her family. Many Blessings!