Friday, January 2, 2009

True Childrens Home

Every so often, I get an email from a blog reader who asks me to post about something, whether it be a prayer request, a fundraiser or whatever. I love that because I want to get to know my readers by praying for them, offering them support, and learning about what they are up to. Anyway, the other day, I got an email from someone who reads and comments on my blog often. She had asked me to share about True Children's Home, where she had volunteered this summer. So I wanted to share with you about another wonderful organization in China. Obviously, organizations in China that help special-need orphans are very dear to my heart. And this is a great way to get a blogover while helping 2 great causes :) I'm copying her email, as she explained everything so well...

True Children's Home (TCH) is an incredible American-run organization that provides care for medical special-needs orphans in China. The mission of True Children’s Home is to: save a child’s life, fund corrective surgery, provide post-surgical care, place children with foster families, and facilitate the adoption of TCH children. It is their goal that when a child leaves an orphanage and comes to TCH, they never return to the orphanage again. The most needy orphans are brought to one of their homes (Dongguan and Anji) where they are nurtured and given life-changing medical procedures. Children's needs include: cleft lip/palate, heart defects, low birth weight, club feet, hydrocephalus, anal atresia, etc. One hundred percent of donated funds are used to help the children as all administrative expenses are underwritten by founders Alan and Twila True.

Blogs are a major resource/support for adoptive and prospective adoptive parents. Nikki re-designed my travel blog and after hearing about my trip to True Childrens' Home, she put them on her waiting list. Nikki is a Canadian Anthropology student who is in the process of raising money for her humanitarian aid work. Through her business, Blogs for a Cause, she was able to go to the Dominican Republic for a month in July of 2008 and is now raising money to go to Ethiopia for two weeks in February, and back to the DR for two months next May and June. Nikki stylizes blogs for $30 each. With the $30 that you pay, you will get a personalized header, a matching background, a new layout, and 1 free re-do. Of this cost, $25 goes towards funding her volunteer trips, and $5 goes to a Charity of the Month. From January 1, 2009- February 7th, 2009, TCH is Nikki's Charity of the Month. She does beautiful work and hopes to make a difference in the lives of many children!

For more information, please visit Blogs for a Cause at: or email Nikki to place an order:

To learn more about the Children's Home, Foster Care, Medical Care, and Community Outreach Programs and to read TCH monthly newsletters, please visit:

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