Saturday, April 25, 2009

6 Months Together!

My goodness, how our little girl has grown in these six months that she's been a part of our family. It's incredibly hard to believe that just six months ago, we held our precious Katherine MeiLing for the first time. The little girl we had longed for and prayed for for years. Why is it that these months have flown by, yet I can barely remember life without sweet Kate? She has come so far in the six months she has been in our family. She has taken such big strides and has really grown in these six months. She's still tiny, but definitely not the baby we received on October 25, 2008. She is incredibly go-with-the-flow, her vocabulary is truly flourishing (she was said to be behind her her speech at PHF, but she is really talking... even in sentences!) She has only gained two pounds and now weighs a whopping 19 pounds! She's got to have grown atleast two inches, too. Yet it's really not those physical ways that she has changed that I notice. It's that she is finally happy. She and AnnaClaire are the sweetest friends. She's caring, loving, adorable... she does anything you ask her to do (other than eat!), she gives the sweetest kisses and hugs... She loves life, she loves doing anything, she loves her FAMILY. Those first few days with her... even the first few months, I sometimes wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. Kate was NOT easy. She whined all the time. I remembed how me and Mom would talk about how difficult she was going to be as a teenager... we're not thinking that anymore! She is about the easiest child EVER. It saddened me so much to see her mourn for all she had lost. I remember looking at pictures we received of her at PHF and seeing how happy she was there... yet she just didn't have that light. But now, she has that sweet sparkly smile, that infectious joy that we saw in pictures. Those whines have been turned into sweet giggles and her somber face has turned into a face full of joy. I have come to love this little girl more as each day goes on and I can not imagine my life without her! She is a perfect fit for our family and we are all madly in love with her! Praise God for the ways he has allowed her to trust and love her mommy, daddy, and siblings. Praise Him for bringing her into our family six months ago!

I love you, my sweet Katie Cakes! Happy 6 months together!

Gotcha Day: October 25, 2008 1 month: November 25, 2008
2 months: December 25, 2008
3 months: January 25, 2009
4 months: February 25, 2009
5 months: March 25, 2009


jeanette said...

she HAS changed so can see it in her countenance. Praise God for the joy and healing He is pouring on her heart.

Jeanette said...

Congrats on 6 months!!!!!