Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 4: Bear Country

We had such a fun day at Bay*lor! Will booked us a campus tour in the morning and that was great. The girls were even given free Bay*lor bears! They were excited :). We loved touring the campus and seeing where Will will be going next year! It's so beautiful and I can say that after visiting, I could definitely see myself there. After awhile, we headed to the student center for lunch and ended our time at the bookstore, spending way too much in Bay*lor gear. Will stayed on campus to hang out with some of his friends and we went back to our hotel to nap the little girls. Once they woke up, we spent some time at a nearby park to let them get some energy out before meeting up with Will and his girlfriend, who goes to Bay*lor, and went to a popular dinner spot on campus. It was delcious! We had heard lots about the Bay*lor tradition of tortilla tossing, so we got some tortillas and Will and Kathryn showed us how it's done. We all had so much fun doing that. AnnaClaire loved telling stories about "Goldi-wocks", "Cinderbella", and "Annabear" as we tossed and is still going on about how much fun "tewing stories wif Kafrin" was. Mom, Dad, and the little girls then dropped Will, Kathryn, and I off and we went to a popular coffee shop on campus and enjoyed that. Will has a guy friend at Bay*lor who is always willing to let him stay in his dorm, and I stayed in Kathryn's dorm for the night. It was so much fun and I enjoyed sampling "college life!" In the morning, we had breakfast and went to chapel before going on our way to San An*tonio!

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