Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Pity Peas!"

I've been going through Kate's quilt squares recently and realized that we are only about halfway there. We need 100 squares for her quilt and have like 48. I know that many people reading this blog have followed and loved our girls and thought it would be so awesome if you all could send a square for Miss Kate's quilt. AnnaClaire's quilt is used as her bedspread and I love that she is sleeping under the love of 100 special people. We really want to do the same for Kate and would love if you could contribute to her quilt! So... if you haven't sent a square yet and would like to, here's all you have to do...

Cute a 8x8 inch square of a piece of fabric that you like

write out a "wish", prayer, or Bible verse for sweet Kate (and sign your name!)

attach a small piece of the fabric you sent to the wish so that Kate can match up the squares with the wishes

Easy enough, right?

So just email me (my email adress is emilyh331@gmail.com) and I can give you the address to send it to! Thank you in advance for you help! It means SO much to us and I know it will mean so much to Kate!

If you want to see some examples, check Kate's quilt blog. I haven't posted all of them (I'm so bad about that!) but there are quite a few on there that you can see.

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