Friday, April 3, 2009

Gone to...


FINALLY, it is spring break and we are FINALLY taking our long awaited trip to the lone star state! If you know our family personally, you probably know that my parents grew up mainly in Texas, met there (knew eachother in seventh grade and started dating later in high school!), got married there, had me and Will there, etc. We have extended family and friends there, and we actually used to visit quite a bit. It's been ages since we've taken the trip though and I am so excited that we are going there for spring break! I can't say I'm excited for the 18 hour car ride with the tots, but once we get there, I know we will have such an aweosme trip! The whole family is going, other than Drew. We will be going to Hou*ston (that's where we are from) to see the grandmas, Wa*co to visit Bay*lor (where Will's going to college next year), Aus*tin (bet you can guess why) and finally, we'll be ending our trip in San An*tonio, one of my favorite cities. And guess who we get to see while we are there? Lexie, my sweet friend (whom you might know as Karleigh Mei's big sister) and her family! We'll be back next Saturday, in time to celebrate Kate's first Easter at home!

I'll probably post from there, but for now... have a great week!


Lisa said...

You're making me home sick San Antonio! We lived about two hours south of there for 16 yrs. and went there A LOT! The River Walk in San Antonio is gorgeous (and not so hot) at night. Enjoy!!!

Robin said...

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip!

God speed

Anonymous said...


Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Lexie said...

yay! can't wait to see y'all in a few days!
i am in LOVE with your new design! way to cute...i love the color yellow!