Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 2: Houston

We had another fun and busy day today! It started with a big breakfast at Grandma's Church, an Easter egg hunt, and the Church service. The girls absolutely loved the egg hunt! They found lots of eggs and had so much fun putting them into their baskets! They also got palm branches in honor of palm Sunday and loved waving those to the Hosannah song! After Church, the girls took naps and then we woke them because Grandma had a little "party" for some friends of hers and ours. It was very fun and the girls were treated like royality. So many people brought them sweet gifts. They got books, coloring books, crayons, bunnies, chicks, easter baskets, etc. One of Grandma's friends brought little books about how amazing Jesus is that are in Chinese and English.... very awesome to have! The little girls had so much fun coloring in their new Do*ra coloring books while everyone visited! We then headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant (Pappa*sitos) with both grandmas and they treated us to dinner! We all had such an awesome dinner, as we always have there, and left stuffed! AnnaClaire and Kate loved their first taste of Pappa*sitos and had lots of fun, as you can see from the dinner pictures :). Grandma E. gave the girls each a little bunny and an Easter card. The little girls are now both sleeping soundly, surrounded by their new stash of bunnies! AnnaClaire loves bunnies and is so glad her special "Bunny" has some bunny friends :)

Tomorrow we're off to Aus*tin, for another full day! Enjoy the pictures~

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