Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 5: San Antonio

San An*tonio was a definite high of our trip to Texas. We got in on Wednesday afternoon and went to the wrong hotel for the second time this trip! Thankfully, (because all of our suitcases were on the cart) our actual hotel was right across the street from the one we originally went to! (Funny how two Mario*tts are right across the street from eachother...) Our hotel had a balcony and the little girls loves watching for riverboats and waving to everyone on them. We freshened up a bit and decided that it would be fun to go on a riverboat ride. We had gone on one last trip to SA and had so much fun. Booie informed me that the boat ride was her very favorite part of our big trip. It was such a beautiful day for it, too! We strolled the river walk for a bit, danced to some music that was playing, and stopped to feed a family of ducks. Then it was off to Mi Ti*erra for dinner with this family! We had such a fun time visiting and it was so aweome to finally meet the Gs!! Both of our families had 6 with us, and were missing the oldest. I, of course, loved finally talking to Lexie in person and AC, KM, and Kate were just adorable together! They had so much fun dancing, playing ring-a-round the rosy, eating yummy chips, riding the "pony" as in Mr. G's lap, and just giggling together. The daddies and boys enjoyed talking and the mommies, too. It was such a fun time and we were sad to say goodbye! Wish we lived closer so we could see you all more often!!

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Kristi said...

What a blessing to finally get to meet friends you've made via blogs! San Antonio has been a city on my list of places to see for quite some time now. It looks like your spring break was a wonderful time for your family to enjoy being together!