Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 1: Houston

We loaded the car and left for our roadtrip around 3 yesterday. The little girls were so excited. They just wanted to sit in the carseats while we loaded the car... (if only they knew how long we'd be sitting there!) AnnaClaire slept like a champ. She took a good nap and after dinner and a few movies, she slept from 10:30 until we got to Grandma's condo at 7am! Kate wasn't quite as good of a sleeper, but you never would've known because she was so good and quiet! I watched the Twi*light special effects and special features and was then able to sleep most of the ride, as was Mom. Poor Dad drove the full 17 hours, but Will stayed up awhile to keep him company.
We finally pulled up to Grandma's condo at around 7 this morning! AnnaClaire was so excited to be at Grandma's "builiding house." She loves her Grandma and is so excited to be in TEXAS! She has the most joyful disposition and I love that about her. She has been SO go-with-the-flow! Kate has been very good as well, though has been very tired today.
Grandma made us a nice breakfast which we were able to sit down and enjoy. We relaxed in the morning and then Grandma and I took off to the park with the little girls and let everyone else rest a little. Grandma works at a Church here, so she took us to the park there and showed the little girls around the Church, too. They had lots of fun playing at the park, but soon Kate was too tired to even walk around, so we decided to go to our next stop.
We let AnnaClaire swing and pump her legs a little more before stopping by Chick*fil*a to bring lunch home for everyone. AnnaClaire and Kate were pretty excited that there was Chick*fil*a even in Texas! Kate fell asleep on the way back to the condo and then ate all four of her nuggets... so I guess she was hungry and tired!
After the girls (and all of us) had a nap, we headed about 20 minutes away to go see our old house. We had the most amazing house when we lived here. We lived in a place called "The Woodlands" and it's very flat and beautiful. There are bike trails and parks everywhere. Our house was directly across from a park and pond. This was the house that both Will and I first lived in, so of course, we had to get a picture in front of it.
This picture was taken from our old driveway... Dad used to take the boys fishing in this pond and we would all play in the big field surrounding it. We could also walk to a very nearby park. What an awesome place with little kids! The girls loved the ducks in the pond! We don't really see ducks all that much, so
they really enjoyed just watching them and running around by them. It was, of course, good for them to get out in some fresh air and run around, after such a long car! The girls our loving our trip-- can you tell? By the way- we are here the perfect week and the weather is awesome :)
Kate has always been fascinated by ducks. She just pointed to them and said "duck, duck" over and over. When we left the ducks to go play at the little park, she said, "bye bye ducks!"
We went over to the park and swang and slid a bit. We even made some choo-choos down the slide! Both girls loved doing that! It's so wierd to think that AC and Kate were playing at the same park that Will, Drew, and I played on when we were their ages... After a while of playing, we headed back to Grandma's for a delcious dinner, baths, and bedtime!
Our first day was so much fun! Both girls have been such troopers, too. Tomorrow, we are heading to Church and afterwards, there's an Easter egg hunt. In the afternoon, Grandma's having some friends of hers and ours to come visit and then we are going out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants here with Grandma and our other grandma, who lives nearby.

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love the pictures! glad y'all are having a great time!