Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 7: San Antonio and heading home

We had another beautiful day in San An*tonio on Friday. The weather was perfect. The morning started with some Star*bucks on the hotel patio by the river and a little swim at the hotel pool, an activity AnnaClaire has been begging to do since we got to Texas. She had so much fun swimming, especially since she could stand in the water! And it was an indoor/outdoor pool! She tried a hot tub for the first time to and thought it was so fun to dip her toes in the hot water! She had so much fun and was not ready to leave when we dried off an hour later. We all showered and then headed down to the market place to do a little shopping. We got the girls really cute mexican dresses and some other little things. We went back to the river one last time to have dinner at Ca*sa Rio, another one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in SA. Can you tell we love our Mexican food? It was as delicious as ever! We walked around the river a little longer, fed the ducks some extra tortillas, and on our way out, we had a whirlwind trip at the Al*amo before loading into the car for the long drive home!


Lexie said...

Glad y'all had so much fun!! Really happy y'all were able to go to Sea World!! So fun!!

Me and Karleigh Mei own matching Moo Moo's (that is what we call the Mexican dresses down here!) that I got for us in Mexico!! haha!! She looks incredibly cute in it! You will need to take a picture of the girls in them!!

Our family: said...

These pictures are soooo beautiful! I especially love the mother and daughter photos!

What sweet girls!! I love following your blog and seeing how God is blessing your family!