Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning

The traditional picture on the stairs... Looking a little tired despite the fact that we didn't all get up until close to 9- when we woke Kate up! AnnaClaire had gotten up about 8:15 and was snuggling in bed with Mommy, excitedly talking about how Santa came, yet saying she didn't want to go down yet because "the boys still want to sleep!" Checking out what Santa left... a beautiful dollhouse for Kate!
A real digital camera for AnnaClaire!
Lots of stocking goodies for AC... stickers, stamps, candy, a lip gloss watch (she hasn't taken it off!), a little coffee mug, notepad, pens, a JUMPROPE (she's been asking for that and a doll all throughout this month... no idea why a jumprope, but hey, if that's what she wants!) and some other little things!
And some stocking stuffers for Cakes, too... a lamb puppet, a little barn with little animals, a plastic horse, stamps, stickers, lip gloss, notepad, pens, and some other little things...
Kate was so excited about her dollhouse!
She also got a little wooden mailbox with letters and stamps to stick on... she loves it!
Kate was so excited to start opening presents!
As was AnnaClaire! She and Kate shared the honors of opening the first gift!
A BITTY BABY! Kate named hers "Noel!"
AnnaClaire named her doll "Lilly" and she enjoyed wearing it in the carrier/backpack/diaperbag... like "Mommy cawwied me when I was wittle!"
AnnaClaire took some breaks from opening gifts to play with her beloved Leap*ster from Santa... a huge surprise for her :)
We drew names this year to see who would buy for who (siblings) I picked Kate's name and bought her a high chair for her baby! She loves it!
Drew picked AnnaClaire's name and got her a Ni H*ao Ka*i Lan game for her Leap*ster!
Kate, our puzzle queen, got a world little world puzzle from her aunt and uncle!
AnnaClaire enjoyed making some peppermint hot cocoa with me and drinking it in her mug... "just like Daddy!"
The biggest surprise of the day went to Mom... we got her her own laptop! She and Dad have been sharing a computer and she was so glad to get her own... Booie gave her the mouse, which she picked out herself (if you couldn't already tell... since it's purple and all:)) We were so proud of her for keeping the secret this whole time!


Wife of the Pres. said...

S got the same camera!!! She loves it and so do I! No more little person trying to use Mommy's nice Nikon!!!

I think S has taken about 300 pics already. We're getting some recharge batteries for sure for that camera.

Looks like you all had fun! I know your hearts must have been a bit heavy too as ours are since someone is missing. Hugs to you and here's hoping the wait is not much longer. We may see you in China yet. ;)

jeanette said...

I can't believe AnnaClaire got a camera!! so perfect!..she's had so many pics taken of she can do the picture taking. :)

looks like a wonderful Christmas.

baby carriers backpacks said...

You have a beautiful family, Thanks for sharing.

Kristi said...

The camera is one gift I wish Santa had thought about for my kiddos. Looks like it was a fun morning for you all. AC is precious with her doll!
I will have to say that we beat you in the sleeping in plan ~ Caleb finally woke up at 9:30 and we woke Kylie up at 9:45!