Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve... Dad, the girls, Grandma, and I took the train downtown to go see a "singing bear" show, look at the big Christmas trees, and have lunch. We had a very fun afternoon, which I will post pictures of after Christmas. We came home and the girlies had short naps before we headed to the 5 o'clock service at our Church. Once we got back from that, we had dinner, birthday cake for Jesus... Our secret santa also came and brought the gift for day 12... 12 donuts for tomorrow... and also revealed herself! I'll definitely need to post pictures of everything we received... it was so much fun having our very own secret santa! The girls then put out cookies and milk for Santa and headed to bed... they are SO excited for tomorrow, although thankfully, they are still young enough to not be into the whole waking-up-at-5-on-Christmas-morning thing. That's good with teenage siblings:) Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Here's some pictures from our night... enjoy!
Anna boo singing Christmas carols tonight... she LOVES all the Christmas music and knows quite a few carols! So sweet hearing her sing in Church tonight, too!
Our two BEAUTIFUL girls in their Christmas dresses!
Kate loves looking at all the ornaments on the tree...
The kids... for now!
Grandma is in town for Christmas, as usual! We are having fun with her!
Our family of SEVEN... soon to be... more!
Our other Grandma sent the girls blinking Christmas light necklaces! They got them tonight and wore them all night long!
AnnaClaire and Kate both got to open a present tonight... from Logan and Mia! We have a "chatty girl" Christmas book exchange each year. This year, we got a bear book from Logan and Mia and they sent a bear puppet for each girl. Thanks guys!
Putting out cookies and milk for Santa!
Kate started eating the cookie that she chose for Santa... she's our sweet tooth:)
But even though we have fun with Santa and presents... the true meaning of Christmas is this...
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Jean said...

What a wonderful day!! I can hardly wait for your family to bring home Charlie!! There is definitely room in you family pic for him! And maybe...

Sounds like you all had fun! What a blessing! Great pics! Oh my God is so so good!