Saturday, December 19, 2009

Counting down until Christmas:)

The girlies and their Christmas presents for Mommy!
Today, we finished some last Christmas shopping... Mom and I went out in the day to get some things for Drew and some stocking stuffers for the girlies... and had lunch at On Th*e Bo*rder and peppermint mochas from St*arbucks! Then we went home, watched the end of the Te*xas vs. UNC basketball game... (Te*xas won:)) and Dad, girlies, and I went to get a few things for Mom and Will's big present. The girlies were SO excited to pick out mommy's presents and have done so well-so far- keeping both their secrets and the secret of our big surprise present for Mom:)

Our girlies in their new snowman jammies...

The girlies are SO excited for Christmas. AnnaClaire told me that she "just can't wait!" They are just loving everything about the Christmas season... especially all of the lights! Two of my friends and I took them to see some lights nearby that dance to Christmas music on the radio... incredible! Their eyes were glued and they have asked to go see "the dancing lights" every night since then!

Our very own 12 days of Christmas!

It's also been exciting because we have a secret santa! Each day since Dec. 13th, we have gotten a little rhyme with a present... day 1 was a 12 days of Christmas book, day 2 was a mug and plate for Santa milk/cookies, day 3 was two towels and a scrubber brush, day 4 was 2 sticker sheets, a notepad, and a snowman magnet, day 5 was 2 "magic" towels, Christmas soap, and candycane and Christmas tree bath foam, day 6 was 6 peppermint candles and day 7 was 7 ornaments (one for each member of the family so far!) It's been very exciting to have a gift on our porch each morning and the girlies are always so excited! :)

The girlies with their magic towels!

The girls thought that these magic towels were just the greatest thing ever. Kate's was shaped like a star and AnnaClaire's, like a snowman! They ran them under water and they turned into washcloths... very cool!

Today, there were 7 clay ornaments for our Christmas tree!

They were SO excited about the new ornaments and LOVED hanging them on the tree! They each picked one out for themselves and then assigned one to each other member of the family...

AC and Kate putting the new ornaments!

The girls are all about putting things on the tree, so they had a blast putting all the new ornaments on... Christmas is so much fun with little ones:)

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