Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better Plans...

It was three years ago that we came home from a trip that forever changed our lives. In a way, it was our Family Day, as it was the first time that our whole family of SIX (seems like nothing now!) was together (Drew couldn't go to China with us.) It was the day our first "new" family picture was taken. It was a day that marked the end to the painful process of missing out as AnnaClaire grew from an 8 month old baby whose referral pictures we fell in love with to a 13 month old cooing, giggling, walking, yet still such a baby. It was an incredibly long day filled with much traveling... from Guangzhou to Beijing to Newark to our city. Yet even with the exhaustion of traveling, there some funny stories (think: diapers.) It was a day when lots of other people decided to fly from Newark to our city, as we were 27th in line for take off and after a long delay in the airport, and an incredibly long flight from China, where AnnaClaire maybe closed her eyes for 10 minutes. Yet, finally, just before midnight on December 20, 2006, we walked off the plane, through the halls of an extremely quiet airport, and into the waiting arms of friends, AC's big BROTHER, lots of balloons, signs... It was perfect. The perfect homecoming. That night was the start to a life which I cannot imagine not living. My little sister was home forever.

And I look back and laugh. Because on that night of 12/20/06, we knew we'd be enduring that long flight once again. We knew we'd go back and bring home a sister for AnnaClaire... so she would have someone from China just like her... so she wouldn't grow up feeling like an only child.

Little. Did. We. Know.

Praising God today that AnnaClaire's been HOME for 3 years... and for these three years of overflowing joy, of the biggest smile that lights up every room in our house, of a little girl whose heart is so big and so bright and so filled with God's love... and for the SEEDS that he planted 3 years ago... the seeds he planted in my life and in our family. And of course, for the fact that HIS plans are so much better than ours!

Because here's the thing.

3 years ago today, we came home from China with AnnaClaire. We came home thinking we'd go back to China and bring home a sister for AC... a sister to share her Chinese roots, to share her adoption thread, and so she wouldn't grow up feeling like an only child.


2 years ago today, we were two days into the wait for a SN referral of that little girl who we thought would complete our family.


1 year ago today, we hadn't even had Kate for 2 months and we were so sure our family was complete. We were in love with our two Chinese princesses, but were still having a difficult time with our grieving Katie Cakes and we were positive that our family was complete.


Today, we are 16 days into the wait for LOA for Charlie and are hoping to bring him home in 4ish months.........

Oh. His plans are so much better than ours!


Ashton said...

GREAT post Emily (:

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, yes, God's plans are so much better than ours! :)

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for our little Eli

Annie said...

Amazing...1 day after your celebration of AnnaClaire's Gotcha Day is my little sponsor girl's (Margaret from PHF) Gotcha Day as well...who will also be called Anna-Claire! :) What a fun coincidence!

Kristi said...

And His plans just keep surprising us, don't they?