Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking of our little guy!

Since we can't be with our sweet guy on his 4th birthday, a birthday package will have to do. He'll get a cake delivered on his birthday as well as a panda lovie. Then of course the camera and candies and a family picture and letter that is translated wishing him a happy birthday and such. We're really hoping to get some updated pictures of him celebrating his birthday, too. We've been told there's a good chance and his orphanage normally does send updated pictures, so we are praying hard that they will send us some, as our most recent pictures are from early summer :( Anyway, just wanted to share. We've been waiting to be LID to send him one and were so glad to get be logged in in time to get it to him by his birthday! So sad that we won't be with him on his big day- January 5- but hopefully we will be blessed with some pictures of him celebrating.

And don't worry... we didn't forget Charlie this Christmas:) We got him the Pott*ery Ba*rn Ki*ds firetruck and firestation! It was sad not having him with us but we rejoice in knowning that he WILL be with us next Christmas... and what a day that will be!

We love you sweet boy and are thinking of you!!! Hopefully it won't be much longer until we're holding you! :)

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jeanette said...

oh how I hope you get new pictures of him!!! would be great to get pics of him receiving your gifts.

love his Christmas present. :)