Thursday, December 17, 2009

Praising God for this sweet girl's LIFE!

As you probably know, Kate lived at the Shephard's Field Children's Village for most of her life in China. We sponsor one little girl there and I sponsored another little girl before she was adopted this fall. Anyway, both of the girls we sponsor/sponsored lived in a particular house, so when we visited them, we were able to meet sweet Tiffany/Mei Mei, who had an unoperable heart condition. She absolutely captured my heart with her bright eyes and little dimple and I know for a fact that my heart is not the only one that she captured. I just found out that today, Jesus called her home. It breaks my heart that she never had a family of her own, but I am thankful that she had the love and amazing care at PHF for her 5 too-short years. I know she has been prayed for and loved by many for her 5 years of life! Praying that the staff and nannies at PHF and everyone who loved her from afar would feel comfort today as they celebrate this beautiful girl's LIFE... and thanking God that she has no more PAIN but has been made new in HIM, even if I know it must be hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful princess!


Keri said...

Oh, Emily. I am so sorry. Until you meet again.


Janet and Kevin said...

Oh, we too would pray for her. She was just so beautiful even in her delicate condition you could see her sweet spirit shining through! Thanks for the tender words you spoke about her today.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Annie said...

I too sponsored a little girl in Samaritan's House (Niu Niu--Margaret) and my friend sponsored sweet Tiffany. We visited PHF this past July and had the privilege and honor of loving on both these precious little ones. Tiffany left a huge mark in our hearts and we will miss her SO VERY MUCH. But, it is amazing to think of her in Jesus' presence now...made completely new and suffering no longer. Thanks for your sweet tribute to her.

Wife of the Pres. said...

So sad to hear this news. And yet glad too for her healing! She grabbed at my heart too. I saw many pics of her from Tabitha, and I know Tabitha was taken with her. I will call my friend Janet to make sure Tabitha has heard this news.

Kristi said...

My heart breaks for this sweet child, and yet I am so thankful that she was in such a wonderful facility and had the chance to be loved.