Sunday, January 10, 2010

Basketball Game!

Last weekend, there was a Bay*lor basketball game at South Carolina, so we all (minus Drew, who had to work) drove up to Col*umbia to support Will's bears. It was a good game, Bay*lor won, and the girls looked absolutely adorable in their cheerleader outfits... AnnaClaire cheered so loudly "just like the weal cheeweaders" and was so excited to get to meet the ga*mecock mascot, who shook his head at AC's outfit :)


Kristi said...

The mini-cheerleaders are just too cute! Glad you guys had a great family date.
Love the new look (and title) of your blog!

Sammy said...

Hey, we are getting two too! Let's chat. : - ) This is a new one for me. Oh and our new gal is 10 also.

The Vincents said...

Hello... My name is Stephanie Vincent and we too are in the process of adopting from China. Our LID is 11/30/2009. We are adopting a 13 year old girl. This is our 3rd adoption, and by far, the hardest wait. If you have time and could give me a call or email sometime, I'd just love to hear from you and share stories. Helps the wait so much. :)