Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forever Families United

My sweet friend, Ashton, is in China with her family adopting her sweet little brother, Andrew! They just got him this morning :) I am posting for her and you can follow along here!

The H. family (some dear friends who live nearby) is also in China and just got sweet Sarah Mei on Monday!!! Isn't she adorable?! Go here to follow along and see more of the cuteness!

The E. family (our other dear friends who live nearby) is also in China and got sweet Aliana Grace on Monday! She is so so beautiful... go here for their website!

And last but not least, the B. family (some longtime friends through adoption) is also in China and they received precious Ethan on Monday! Doesn't he have such a sweet smile?! Go here to follow along on their trip!

So many special moments this week... I just love it!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I love watching families created! Thanks! Such beautiful kids!

Jean said...

It is so uplifting to see families united! Thank you for the links!! Gods blessings to all of them!

Julie said...

Precious children. So exciting to know they are with their families now.

Jeanette said...

God is good!!!!!!

Sue said...

I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful kids coming home to their forever family.

Lexie said...

Soon, Em! Soon it will be your sweet babies coming home!! Hang in there.

Love ya,