Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter pictures!!!

Family pictures

AnnaClaire modeling in her Easter dress!

Easter egg hunt!

Playing with her cutting toy and her sidewalk chalk!

Afternoon bike ride with Daddy, Drew, and Sissy

"Who's a chub chub?"
(Whenever call AnnaClaire a "chub chub", she squeezes her thighs like this... so cute!!)

Here's all the Easter pictures. I know some of them show up teeny on the collages. You can enlarge the collages by clicking on them.

Today it was back to reality. Drew went back to MA for college, Will and I went back to school. It wasn't so fun going back to school. Seeing everyone was great, though. I think I had mentioned that we had to memorize some Julius Caesar... well today one of my friends and I decided to say it early, since we knew it. It's not due until Friday, but it was nice saying it today so I don't have to worry about it anymore. We had to memorize 81 lines... not fun. However I got a 99% and it was a test grade. That was good :).

On the potty front, I think AC went 5 or 6 times today, including poopies!!! She wore panties ALL afternoon. Although she had wet panties, she did very well!!! We're getting there!!

This afternoon we enjoyed a nice episode of Barney. AC loves Barney. It's the only show she sits through. She loves the "I Love You" song at the end and always sings along. It's so cute when she watches it! :)


Brittany said...

That is so cute
I love some of those pictures
Lauren also loves Barney and we even have to wacth the credits

Jie Jie to Sarah Lu and Chayah Ru said...

Cute pictures!! I LOVE AnnaClaire's Easter pictures! Just gorgeous!! :) Good job on Julius Caesar! I would not have wanted to do that, and I'm sure you didn't either- but you did amazingly! 99% is AWESOME! =D

Holly said...

Great Easter pictures!! AnnaClaire is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!
So cute! Addie doesn't like to smile for pictures! =( I wish she would....good job on Caesar, I would have never been alble to do that!

Lexie said...

Loved the pictures!! AC looked like a doll, as usual!

GREAT job on the Julius Caesar!!!!!!!! I had to memorize 2 chapters of James in 6th grade...EEKS it was hard, but it feels good once it is done! I always admire the people that go a few days later...you ROCK!

Katie said...

The Easter pics are precious...and the "chub chub" pics are way too funny! Love it! You do such an awesome job at this, Emily!