Monday, May 12, 2008

Look what Will and his friends made me! (& Mother's Day)

We had a wonderful Mother's Day. We went to Church and afterwards had On the Border. it was SO yummy. AnnaClaire looked absolutely adorable for Church. Costco has Lilly dresses that are very well priced~ we got AC two of them. She wore one of them to Church and she looked so sweet. We came home pretty late and took some pictures with Mom (see post on mothers day) before AC went down for her nap. While she napped, Will and Ben (one of Will's best friends) started building AC a sandbox! They have been planning on doing this and got it done. It looks great! They went to Lowes and got all the supplies. They put it together and got a nice place in our backyard to set it up. It looks so good! Yes- when you are 2 with a 17 year old brother, there is no such thing as a FisherPrice sandbox! Dad, AC, and I went and got sand and by the time we got back, 4 of Will's friends were over! They all finished the rest of the sandbox, put all 30 of the bags of sand in, packed up mulch around and then let AC get in. She LOVED it. Finally, after 7, we went back in so that Mom could open her presents. Will got her flowers, chocolate, and a card, AC got her a little flower that said that she was going to plant flowers for Mom (that's what Mom wanted), I got her a picture of AC, me, and Mom that was in a really pretty frame, and a mini scrapbook that had pictures of her with each kid for the first time... Will, Drew, and I in the delivery room with her, AC being given to Mom on gotcha day, and a picture of the Great Wall of China with a red thread heart stitched through for Kate. Dad got her plane tickets to the Chatty Sisters Reunion in Colorado this fall (Well a picture from the last one, saying that she could get tickets once we know the exact dates). So it was a good Mother's Day. I think if you asked Mom, she would say it was a VERY good Mother's Day. After the presents, we went back outside and AnnaClaire played in the sandbox awhile longer. We found her little truck from the beach and she loved filling it with sand and dumping it out. She cried when we had to go back in, because it was pitch black... and she never cries. She absolutely LOVES her sandbox. She is so lucky to have such a great big brother (and such great big friends of brother) to build her her very own 6ft x 8ft sandbox!

Today, I got in the car after track and AC begged me to go in the sandbox with her when we got home. Mom informed me that AnnaClaire has been just loving her sandbox all day. She spent over 3 hours in it today. Um... can you say someone loves her sandbox? We found a funnel and she loved playing with that. She also loved burying me and Bunny, and me burying her! (well not really... just the legs). She had so much fun. She literally LOVES her sandbox. I have never seen someone love something this much. It was starting to get dark before we finally came in (and it was dinner time) and even then, she did NOT want to go in. This is the best "toy" she's ever had... she just loves her sandbox! It is so roomy and perfect for her. We'll need to get her some real toys for it... right now all she has are measuring cups and spoons, old cups, a few shovels, and her little truck. However, she loves it all the same. She could care less what toys are in there... as long as she's in her sandbox!


Holly said...

Looks like someone really has been enjoying the new sandbox! Great pictures as usual!

Monica said...

Cutie! I wish Reese had a sandbox. My grandpa made me one when I was little, with a tent over it to block the sun (I'm pale). I wish we could make Reese one like that, since she doesn't need to be in the sun much.

Glad AC likes the sandbox.


Asher, Esther & Emma's Jie Jie said...

Um.. does your brother and his friends want to come build my sisters a sandbox? Lol..
that's such a great idea.. what sweet boys!!
Miss AnnaClaire is growing up so much.. and she is cute as a button!