Friday, September 19, 2008

Kate's Care Package

I think I mentioned that we were sending Kate a care package... well PHF got it last week and this morning, we had some pictures of Kate with the things we sent her in Mom's inbox!! Isn't she so cute? The outfit she's wearing is a 9 month... it's big on her! Oh, we have a peanut!! I'm so glad they gave her the photo book, because we were told they don't show them photo books until the family has TA. I think she especially likes her phone :) We're about to go apple picking with AC's little friend and her mom, but I wanted to post these before we left. (No school today!!) Have a blessed day!

Here's some pictures of the package before we sent it. We included lots and lots of chocolate and supplies for the nannies! We sponsor a baby girl at PHF (Katherine) so we sent her some things, too. We put all of the things in the little panda bags (from the dollar section at Target) and labeled the bags with their names. I'm posting a picture of sweet Katherine (above) with her things, too. I don't know if you remember hearing her story, but she was going to be adopted earlier this year when she contracted meningitis, which led to many complications. She was moved to Philip Hayden and you can tell she is cared for there, despite the many issues she has faced. Speaking of sponsoring, there are quite a few kids at Philip Hayden who still need sponsors, including Katherine. You can find out more and see a list of which kids need sponsors here. Oh and while I'm mentioning sponsors... we also sponsor a sweet baby at AnnaClaire's orphanage (Chenzhou) who we actually just found out was adopted not too long ago (praise God!!!) We have been assigned another beautiful girl to sponsor there. What's cool about this is that we started sponsoring Katherine before we even had Kate's referral... so now we sponsor a baby girl from each of our sweet girls first homes!

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Staci said...

These pictures of Kate are SOOO cute!!! She is gorgeous! Can't wait til you can bring her home!! :)