Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tainted Formula

From what I understand (this isn’t my area, so all info is second-hand through a translator!), we only use Nestle. The nannies are very particular about using the same brand all the time, especially with the babies. But, occasionally guests would bring different brands, including some of the affected brands, and then it would be used. The affected brands haven’t been a consistent part of the kid’s diet, and even then, it’s been the older kids who would have received it. I talked to our medical team and Tim, and they feel our kids are safe.

We are definitely relieved to hear this from a contact at Philip Hayden.

I did read last night that in Kate's home orphanage, Shangrao, 19 children were diagnosed with kidney stones. 3 were hospitalized and the rest are receiving treatment in the orphanage.

My heart just breaks for these children, along with the other thousands all over China that have been affected. It makes me sick that anyone would ever purposely put harmful things in baby formula in order to use less of the actual stuff.


Ally, big sister to Lillyana said...

she is so so cute!

*check out the new blog,

Anonymous said...

Me too. :-(

It is BEYOND sick.

I can't imagine how blessed you feel that Kate isn't at Shangrao right now.

I am physically ill at this whole situation. I feel the same way I did when the snow storm and earth quake(s) happened, except this was done intentionally. We don't have a referral yet, but it keeps me up at night wondering if our future child is safe. I pray she, and all the others, are in the arms of Jesus. There is nothing else I can do...