Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ling Xu Liu~Shia~Kate!

Name: Shia
Chinese Name: Ling Xuliu
Birthday: March 6, 2007
Where I Live: House of Peace
Favorite toy: blocks
Personality type: shy and quiet
Favorite friend to play with: my nanny
Favorite thing to do: play outside
New Accomplishments: I am getting better and better at walking
Matched with a family: No
Attends school or pre-school: No
Medical Update: Her facial hemangioma has almost completely resolved and she has not needed further treatments since March. She is doing well and developing well. We will continue to follow the site of the hemangioma, but it should continue to fully resolve.

We have friends adopting a sweet girl from Philip Hayden who were able to receive their daughters sponsorship info. We had asked if we could receive all of Kate's updates that went out to her 6 sponsors as well! Thank you again for these precious glimpses into our sweet girl's life!!

The one posted above was from July 2008. She has since moved to the House of Love. Obviously, the "matched with family" nows reads a big, bold YES. I guess Philip Hayden was not notified when she was matched with us. Of course, they know now! :) Anyway, this is such precious information to have. We have 4 reports total from August 07, somewhere between August and March, April 08, and July 08. These reports gave us a few extra tidbits about our girl that we did not know yet. Such as, she was learning to walk and almost doing it independently as of April. Also, she was seen by the Beijing Children's Hospital in March and has not had any treatments to her hemangioma since then, as it has resolved! Oh and this is unimportant, but her PHF name is actually pronounced "shay." We've though it was "she-a" all along!

Her progress reports all included quite a bit of info on how she is doing, which is precious to know. In addition to each paragraph about Miss Kate were quite a few pictures. Some we had already seen, some were new to us! I posted a few at the top. I'm having trouble getting some of the other ones (especially the ones at a younger age) because they are on pdf files. Anyway, at the end of each report is this: "Thank you to her sponsors as your monthly support allows us to give Shia the best possible care while at PHF. Please pray she would soon be part of her own forever family."

Soon, sweet girl! Just hang on a little longer... your forever family is coming!


Amy Jo said...

Sweet pics! Sara had the same 3 piggies...loved them! Praying for news on your travel! Blessings, Amy

Amy Jo said...

Sweet pics!!! Sara had those same 3 piggies when she was at LangFang. Praying for travel news! Blessings, Amy

Jeanette said...

Ok, so do you think your mom would let her wear her hair like the first picture when she comes home? Yes, she needs THREE bows for those pig tails!!!! Too cute!

We missed you at lunch today, so sorry your mom didn't come get you out of school...she said you asked. Oh well, maybe next time! AC was a doll, so well behaved and definitely charmed everyone in the place! I hope you like the new bows for miss AC and miss Kate!

Wolfes Home said...

I just love PHF! What wonderful tidbits for you, each one is a treasure.

Ohilda said...


Thank you for sharing with us! She is PRECIOUS!!!

Hoping to see her in your family's arms soon.



PS I LOVED reading about her time with Drew.