Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Precious {big girl} Mei Mei

With all of these posts, updates, and pictures of Kate, Miss AnnaClaire is kind of getting left out of the blog! I thought she needed a post ALL about her and her sweet self... so here it goes.
About a month from now (10/27) AnnaClaire will turn THREE! It's so hard to believe that she will be 3 already. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were at PF Changs celebrating AnnaClaire's first birthday, while she was waiting in China? I know we are going to enjoy every minute of AC's last month as a 2 year old!
AnnaClaire is doing AWESOME in her big girl bed! She loves it! She looks so TINY in it. The excitment of it still hasn't worn off and she always lets us know that she is going night night in her BIG GIRL BED. She has never tried to get out of it. She just sits and talks, waiting for someone to get her out. She always has the biggest smile when someone comes to get her and she never fails to tell us how good she slept or what a long nap she took.
AnnaClaire goes to a "pre school" every Thursday. It's not technically pre school, but it's at a nearby Church that does a womens Bible study and AnnaClaire goes to the little Bible school for the kids on Thursdays. AC LOVES it. They go outside, have a little bible lesson, do crafts, have snack... it's just like pre school.
One of her Bible school teachers from last year (who now leads a different class with Mom) brought her a Barney the other day. AnnaClaire LOVES her new Barney. It sings songs, plays games, plays peekaboo, etc. I think it is her new favorite toy. She loves it! She is always giving it kisses, too.
She also LOVES being outside. After her nap, she likes to go play in her sandbox. She is learning out to build sand castles in it and thinks those are too fun! Yesterday, Dad was mowing the lawn and AnnaClaire brought out her little lawn mower and helped! She was so cute! She doesn't like loud noises though, so she would stay as far from the mower, but still where Dad could see her! It was so cute! She always covers her ears when she hears something loud!
I have been working with AnnaClaire on coloring in the lines and tracing and she is doing so well! She does LOVE to color!
If you ask her where she was born, she will happily say, "CHINA!" And then she'll proceed to tell you how she cried and cried when she came to us. It's so cute!
She is VERY on the go. Loves to do anything if she is going somewhere. Every night, she asks where she is going to go the next day. She loves going ANYWHERE. She has come to a few school volleyball games with me and absolutely loves going to those. Everyone at school knows (and loves) her and she is always the center of the crowd... and she knows it!
She cheers for everyone and loves watching and cheering with all my friends on the sidelines!
Little Miss is extremely sensitive. You can just tell. She hates to make people sad and will say sorry over and over. She gets extremely hurt when someone says or does something to her. Of course, she does not like getting in trouble at all!
AnnaClaire has the sweetest personality. She is outgoing if you ever did see an outgoing little girl! She has never met a stranger. When she meets new people, she is best friends with them by the end of the day! She is so friendly! She talks up a STORM. In fact, she never stops talking! Everyone is amazed when we tell them she isn't even three yet... because she is so verbal! She is constantly laughing and smiling. She is the HAPPIEST little thing.

AC is excited about Miss Kate! Well, excited as a 2 year old could be. I don't think she completely understands the whole thing, but she knows she's going back to China to "get Kate!" She knows that she is going to share her things and her Mommy. The other day, Dad brought her some necklaces he had got. There were 2. AnnaClaire picked them both out and pointed informed us that one of them was for Kate and the other was for AnnaClaire. She is constantly doing that sort of thing... told you she is sweet! Last week, we were giong through some of her things, and AnnaClaire helped pick out some books to bring to Kate's room. She made a few little stacks and excitedly brought the books into Kate's room. She always asks when we are going to get Kate and she is always pointing Kate out in pictures.
As you can see, my first little love is doing great. She is so sweet. She has the best disposition. I just look at her and think, "Can you imagine life without AnnaClaire?" I just love this little girl. Her joy shines through her. It is so fun watching her because she is so FREE.. free or worries and living life at her own beat. She is always dancing, jumping, running, hugging kissing, and LOVING. She is SO full of LOVE. And oh how I love HER.


Brittany said...

She has been getting so big,i can't even imagine her any where else. Kate will be the same way.
Lauren's Jie Jie

Lexie said...

So beautiful!! She will be the best Jie Jie! I just love that smile!

Robin said...

Those sure are some sweet pictures of your boo!! She sure is growing up fast but children (of all ages) usually do. :0) <-- of course I'm speaking of you now! I'm sure your mother feels like it was just yesterday that you were small and not in high school :-)

Denise said...

What a wonderful post about your sweet little sister! What a joy she must be to all of you~

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see AnnaClaire's new room!!!! Will you post piccies soon?!?! ;))))

Jen said...

AC is beautiful. I can't wait for you to have your baby sister home... I know the wait is hard.

OT, but can you tell me where AC's beautiful long sleeve dresses come from? My daughter is obsessed with dresses - doesn't feel like a princess unless she's wearing one - and it's hard to find long sleeve dresses around here. Thanks!

Catherine said...

What a precious little sister you have Emily! So cute, smart, caring and loving!

Anonymous said...

Just browsed through your blog as it came up on RQ. Congrats on your little sis. We are waiting for #2 NSN as we have no option as of yet in our area to go SN. Our daughter turns 4 on October 27 and spent the first 9 months of her life in Chenzhou as well!