Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

*too many pictures to post one by one, so click to enlarge the collages to get a better view of the pictures!

We had an AWESOME long weekend. It all started on Friday. Every Labor Day weekend, our town blocks off the main street and holds a big festival. I went with a few friends and we had a really fun time. It ended up starting to absolutely pour rain, so we left, but it was still really fun.

Saturday morning, Mom, Dad, AnnaClaire, and I headed to Grandfather Mountain. It's not too bad of a drive... only like 2 hours. I drove the whole way! We started off in Blowing Rock and had a picnic. AnnaClaire played at the park with Dad and Mom and I went into our favorite children's boutique. We were hoping to find some pretty smocked dresses for the girls, as that is one of the only stores that we know of that sells our favorite brand! Unfortunately, there were NONE! Most of the fall stuff had already been sold! They had lots of cute summer clearance stuff, but it's so hard to buy ahead. I did find the SWEETEST bunny that I just had to get for Kate. As you know, AnnaClaire is... obsessed with her Bunny. Figured Kate needed one, too! It really is SO sweet. We walked around a little more and then headed to the Mast General Store in Boone. Love the Mast store!! It's always a fun part of the mountain experience! The Mast store is actually on the Appalachian State campus. Too bad they lost... that would've been an incredible win! Oh well, now applications won't flood in and Will has a good chance of getting in. That is where he really wants to go to college next year. Anyway, we then headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Grandfather Mtn. I conquered the round-a-bout, narrow mountain roads! We started at the Mile High Swinging Bridge or "Wiggle Bridge" as AnnaClaire says. She is so brave. She ran down that thing, jumping and skipping the whole way down! When we got to the other side, she wanted to climp up all the rocks and go to the tip! Beautiful views!! We stopped by the store in hopes of finding a little t-shirt for her, as she needs another little t-shirt. We didn't find one, but we did find a little Black Bear. Grandfather mountains logo is Mildred the Bear. AnnaClaire (or shall I say Mom and I?) named her bear "Millie." It's so cute. She love it and it joins her and Bunny in the must-have-crib-animals now. Dad and AC proceeded to take a little "hike" down the trail and Mom and I met them in the car (don't say anything!) Then we went down a little further to the animal exhibit where AnnaClaire saw bears, eagles, deer, otters, and lots of other animals. All of the black bears were out. They were her favorite. We found the cutest little shirt for AC there. Pink with a little brown felt bear... so cute!! We walked a little further to Split Rock and climbed to the top of that. AnnaClaire is quite the climber. Just as we left, the rain started pouring down. Luckily, by the time we got back to Blowing Rock to enjoy Kilwin's ice cream, it had stopped. Oh how awesome Kilwins is!! It is the best ice cream. We started the drive home and stopped at Crackle Barrel for a late, late dinner. By the time we got home, Miss Sweet Pea was exhausted. It was a very long and fun day!!

Sunday was just kind of a typical day. I'm on a Church leadership team that mentors middle school girls, so I had training for that in the morning. I helped in Booey's nursery during 2nd service because they have been so full and not enough volunteers lately. She's so sweet in the nursery. We had lunch at On the Border which was pretty much amazing. That is my all time favorite place to eat. At night, I had a prayer meeting with Church and spent the night at one of my best friend's houses afterwards. Very fun night.

Dad picked me up on Monday morning and we headed to Chickfila. I hope you guys didn't miss out on the awesome Chickfila deal on Monday. Actually, that might've just been our Chickfila... but if you live nearby, I hope you didn't miss out! Free chik-n-strips for wearing any football logo! Of course, Dad, AC, and I were all sporting our Texas stuff. We had a very nice lunch and everyone, as always, was all over Boo. She is so popular with all the workers. They give her extra books every time we come (which is a lot!) They always come over and talk to her, too. I mean... who wouldn't. She is pretty much the cutest thing ever. :) (I'm her sister, I'm allowed to say that!) Anyway, afterwards, Dad and I took AC to the festival I was talking about earlier in this post. What a fun time we had!!! It all started when we got to see a k9 unit police car with the doggie in it! Then AC got to get in the firetruck and "drive" it. She LOVED that. She adores firetrucks! (which is why she insisted on riding the "firetruck" on every ride if it had one!) We then saw a racecar (she loves those, too, ever since Dad drove one!) We looked at booths and ended up at pony rides which she LOVED. She rode "Yollipop!" She did not want to get off. She was petting it soooo sweetly and said, "MOOOOORE!!! MOOOOOORE!! STAY ON YOLLIPOP!" So sweet. We walked through a few more booths, and then went to the rides section where she proceeded to ride the airplanes, the frietrucks, the choo choo train, the huge slide, and another ride with all sorts of transportation stuff (she rode the taxi once and the firetruck once) You never would've known this was the same child that sobbed on the one ride she rode just 3 months ago! (See picture here.) She also went "fishing" and won a pink stuffed fish... which she thought was just the greatest thing. Finally, we were out of tickets, it was hot, and it was way past naptime... so we headed home after a very fun day!

Lastly, we have been getting the rooms prepared! The hard wood floors were laid on Friday and the painters come on Saturday (the 6th). AC's new room was supposed to be finished long ago, but we are thankful that it is finally getting done! We ordered the bed and nightstand which should be in this week. We are waiting to order the chair for when we get LOA. So it's coming along. Once the paint is on the walls, it will look much better! The floors are also covered right now. You can see a sneak peak in the middle of the last collage. Don't the built ins look AWESOME?? The picture below it is AnnaClaire's room now- will be Kate's room. Just thought you needed to see it again... I do love that room so much! Can't wait to see Kate in it! By the way, AC's new room will be the same pink as the nursery. We LOVE that pink. It looks a little purpley in the pictures, but is beautiful in person.

So it's been a good weekend. Now it's back to reality... and school.

We also sent a care package to sweet Kate this long weekend... but that's a post for another day :)


Jeanette said...

Sounds like you all had a great time in the mountains! I miss my college days at ASU, especially in the fall when the leaves start to turn colors!

Allison said...

First of all, I love that you call it Crackle Barrel. I do too, and David always corrects me! Your day trip to the mountains looked like such fun. We'll have to take Maggie up there sometime. You had a much more successful trip to Matthews Alive than we did--we got rained out! Your poor sweet Boo crying on the ride a few months ago broke my heart! Tell AC that Maggie says, "hey!"

Ahnna said...

Sounds like y'all had a great time. How was driving the mountains???!! :) Addie also has a bunny which she just adores.! When she first came home she would suck on it's ears. Now she says it will get her bunny wet.! It's amazing how quick they change.!

Robin said...

Oh my goodness.. I can't believe how long AnnaClaire's hair has gotten all of a sudden.!! Just check out those awesome pigtails! I'm sure you are just loving it!