Monday, September 22, 2008

A little update on Kate's development

We have been so blessed with the fact that Kate is in Philip Hayden. The updated pictures and priceless glimpses into her young life are more than we could ever ask for. One thing we did not have was a update on how Kate is developmentally. The last we heard, she was an 11 month old who was doing basic 11 month old stuff. Today, we were very blessed with a few paragraphs on how Kate is doing developmentally! What a blessing! Philip Hayden has so much to offer. One of their newer additions to the program is therapy. They offer speech, occupational, and physical therapy for their kids. The lady who runs the therapy program recently joined the PHF yahoo group and has been giving parents info on their kids development progress. Today, she sent us an email, providing us with a glimpse into Miss Kate's development skills. When they first evaluated her in March, she was 12 months old and right on track in all development stages. This month, she was re-evaluated and is doing well! She is receiving speech and occupational therepy two times a week. Her speech is a bit delayed, and her fine motor skills are slightly delayed. Her gross motor skills are right on track. We were informed that most of the kids at PHF are late talkers because with busy schedules, there are little opportunities to talk. Oh how that will change when she gets home and around Miss AnnaClaire! We were told that her delays are minor and will change once she is in a family environment, although she should be evaluated again once she is home. So anyway, it is nice to have a view into sweet Kate's life and know what to expect when we get her!

On another note... 2 weeks down!! We are officially in the TA time frame so it could come any day! That's a nice thought :)

We got another update on Kate tonight that I will share with you all tomorrow. New pictures and some more precious info about our sweet girl!

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Awesome new update on Kate!