Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Pictures

Nothing really special about January... we had just been logged in for Kate though!
In February, AnnaClaire went on her first ambulance ride... and her first train ride!
In March, AnnaClaire helped work at the Show Hope booth at an SCC concert, enjoyed her 2nd Easter, and became fully potty trained!
In April, AC got bangs cut and our sweet and first adoption friends, Maddy and Elizabeth came to NC to visit us!
School got out in May and summer "officially" began!
In June, we went to the Jersey shore to visit some friends from our travel group! However, the big excitement in June was receiving Kate's referral!
I went to Romania in July...
AnnaClaire was baptized in August and we found out Kate was at Philip Hayden... which meant lots of new info/pictures of our precious girl!
Our LOA and TA both came in the month of September
We went to China in October and met Kate on October 25, 2 days before AnnaClaire turned 3!
We came home from China in November and began life with TWO precious little ones!
In December, we celebrated Kate's first Christmas home!

2008 was such a good year for us! (Obviously, since our precious Kate came home!) It was so fun looking back and finding these pictures... it's hard to believe how much AnnaClaire has grown throughout this year! I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us!


Anonymous said...


Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Love your 2008 post!


Catherine said...

What a wonderful year 2008 was! Your precious AnnaClaire grew up so much and sweet Kate joined your family!

Happy New Year!!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad that we got to be part of your 2008! Happy New Year to your family!

Ashton said...

Happy New Year!!!!!