Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Lights!

My two sweet, amazing, beautiful little sisters... I'm blessed! :)
AnnaClaire is at such a fun age for Christmas~ love it!
AnnaClaire got to see Santa again!
Kate pointing at the pretty lights on the reindeer
AnnaClaire loved getting her VERY OWN milkshake
Love those eyes!

On Friday, Dad and Mom took the little girls uptown to see the "Singing Bears." Unfortunately, the "Singing Bears" had sang for the last time that night just before the got there. However, they did enjoy the train ride uptown and walked around looking at Christmas lights in the city. Both girls absolutely LOVE Christmas lights. We have driven around our neighborhood quite a few times checking out all the beautiful lights. Oh, how I love Christmas! They went out to dinner in the city, where AnnaClaire got a huge treat- her VERY OWN milkshake! (it was small!) and then took the train back home. According to AnnaClaire, they had the BEST time and even though the bears weren't singing (they saw them and AnnaClaire was scared of them, anyway!) that it was still fun looking at lights and having her OWN milkshake! It doesn't get much better than that when you're three years old! :)

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Kristi said...

I lived in that city all my life (until a few months ago) and never knew that there were singing bears downtown! I remember when I was a kid some of them at Eastland Mall though...
Lights are fun though! One house in our neighborhood has an over the top display and the kids love to just walk down there and see them. It's so fun!