Monday, December 8, 2008

Arriving in China Two Years Ago

Oh to be there again. The emotions, the excitement, the exhaustion of arriving in Beijing, China on that afternoon of December 8. We were finally done with that long flight, we were finally with the friends we had been talking with (and still talk to daily!), we were finally in AnnaClaire's birth country... just days away from holding her in our arms. Oh the pure joy of that day. We were absolutely exhausted, jet lagged, warn out, and ready for bed. Yet, we were so excited. We were finally in China, the country that had been on our hearts and in our prayers for a long time.

With that note, go on over to my friend, Lexie's blog (well her Mom's) because they got their sweet Karleigh Mei today! She is gorgeous! I'm so excited for Lexie and her sweet family!

And lastly... I am in the process of creating a video and once it's finished, I'm going to post my Christmas idea and hopefully you all can help me make it happen. I'll tell you more about it once the video is ready to go...

Here's some pictures from tonight for you to enjoy :)

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Holly said...

Two years already, I can't believe it! We will be approaching our two year anniversary next month too! Time needs to slow down! Our sisters are growing up too fast! Very cute pictures of the girls. How special this Christmas will be for your family with both of your China princesses home!