Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping on Shamian

Two years ago in China was a day spent at Shamian Island. We loved going up to Shamian Island each day and shopping around. We had some awesome shopping buddies (Claire and her mama!) Guangzhou was BEAUTIFUL in mid-December. It was the perfect temperature and when we were there, there were perfectly blue skies. We loved Guangzhou! AnnaClaire had started opening up at this point, and was a little more accepting of Mom. She still perferred Daddy, though. She spent most of her day riding in the Ergo, listening to her sister bargain! I love to bargain. All of the storekeepers in China knew me as the girl who bargained (both trips!) and yes, we were at Shamian Island so much that they all recognized us each time we were in the stores (and I'm telling you... multiple times!) Bargaining in October was not nearly as easy. With the lack of adoption families (and let me tell you, there sure was a lack of them in October!) they are not selling things nearly as cheap! Anyway, that is how we spent most of our day before we headed back to the hotel and AC took a quick nap. We had Danny's Bagels for dinner with Bekah and her parents. Bekah and AnnaClaire played for awhile, too. They were so sweet together and loved playing in China! How I wish they didn't live so far away!

By the way... guess who came home today??? My sweet friend, Lexie's sister... affectionately known as Miss Karleigh Mei! I am SOOO excited for Lexie and her family! She has been waiting for this day forever and I am SOOO glad that she is finally getting to meet her precious sister! Be sure to check out their blog in the morning for pictures of that sweet girl at HOME where she BELONGS!

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