Monday, December 15, 2008

December 12-15, 2006

December 12, 2006
December 13, 2006
December 14, 2006
December 15, 2006
December 15, 2006

We were in Hunan from the 12th-15th. We LOVED Hunan. We had an amazing guide, Amy, and did some fun things. On the 12th, we finalized AC's adoption, which of course was a special day. On the 13th, we visited her orphanage. She lived at Chenzhou SWI (a Half the Sky orphanage) for her first 13 months. Although the orphanage was old, the kids all seemed to be very cared for. It was so fun meeting the people who had cared for our sweet "Hui Hui" and see the place she had lived. Out of the six little girls in AC's room, we know that she, as well as 3 others were adopted. I think that's pretty amazing. Even more amazing is that 2 of the little ones live in NC and SC... right near us! I would have to say that our best meal we ever had in China was in Chenzhou. It was soooo good. On the 14th, we went to the Embroidery Factory which is amazing. If you are in Hunan, you have to go there. The most amazing thing was this embroidery that was double sided. On one side, there was a tiger. The other side had a panda. It was incredible! On the 15th, we went to the Hunan University which was breathtaking. It was sooo beautiful. I remember AnnaClaire LOVED being outside so she loved the University. We got AC's passport later that day and flew to Guangzhou... it was so fun meeting up with our TG and seeing their sweet little ones! I remember AC was SUCH a daddy's girl in China. She wanted nothing to do with Mom or me. Just so you know, that changed once Dad went back to work and she is now a TOTAL Mommy's girl (although she adores her Daddy, too!) We loved Hunan and had such an incredible time. Enjoy the pictures... they are a few of my favorites from each day. There's two from the 15th because I love both. I love the dress she has on in the last one... it's one of my favorites. Kate wore it in China (and I liked it just as much!) but it got ruined in the wash, which was depressing. Anyway, enjoy... I forget what a BABY little miss AnnaClaire was in China (a baby who refused to wear her bows!) She has grown wayyyy to fast.

Sorry I got a little behind on my "walk through China." This weekend was pretty crazy. I have some sweet pictures to post, so stay tuned!


Jeanette said...

AC looked so tiny! Thanks for posting this...I loved reading about it 2 years ago, it's so fun reading about it again now!

Kristi said...

I have been enjoying traveling back in time with you to one of my favorite places on Earth! I know that your sisters will be so touched one day when they see how dedicated you've been to sharing your love for them! Keep up the good work!