Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at the Library

The Bi*lly Gra*ham Li*brary did a big Christmas event from December 1 until yesterday! We had been planning to go and thought yesterday was the perfect day! We had so much fun! It took awhile to actually get parked and in, because there were SO many people who also thought it would be a fun idea! (It was completely free, by the way!) We did finally get parked, the stroller unpacked, both girls in, and walked through thousands of lights into the main part. It was BEAUTIFUL. There was a live nativity, which both girls LOVED looking at. They were both completely enthralled, especially by the camel (Phoebe) and the donkey (E'ore). Bi*lly Gra*ham's childhood house (moved brick by brick from the original location!) was also open for viewing and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Christmas carolers were outside of the house caroling, too. AnnaClaire loved the Christmas carolers and all of the carolers loved watching her dance to the Christmas music they were singing! Inside of the barn, there is a bookstore (which was giving out free ornaments) and a little cafe/bakery set up like a dairy farm. They had delicious pound cake, hot chocolate, and apple cider. There was also a gingerbread replica of the whole Library, which Booie loved seeing! It gave me a whole new appreciation for gingerbread houses! We ended the night with a horsedrawn carriage ride around the Library. It was gorgeous looking at all the lights and AnnaClaire and Kate enjoyed singing Christmas songs along the way! We had a beautiful night and hopefully they will continue this in years to come and it can be a "Christmas Eve Eve" celebration!

Merry CHRISTmas!!


Joy said...


Our family was there too! I am surprised that we did not see you! It was so much fun but COLD!!

Kristi said...

I heard (a bit too late) about the events there. That is on our list of places to visit next year for sure! Thanks for giving a review!

bbeatley said...

We have been to the library 4 times now this year. I just love it. We went the first weekend it opened this Christmas and went back the night before it ended to donate some books. It is amazing how many people came out to see this amazing place and I can only imagine how many people's lives have been changed! I am glad your family was able to see it!