Friday, December 19, 2008

The end of one journey, the beginning of another

December 19th, 2006 marked our last day in China. Of course, we all know that it really WASN'T and we were back 22 months later adopting little miss Kate! However, it was our last day of our first trip to China! That day, was the end of our journey, yet the start of a whole nother journey... a much BIGGER journey. And how I love being on this JOURNEY. Each day is filled with new memories, experiences, and love. Each day, I come to love these two amazing girls more than I did the day before! Praise be to God for what he has done and continues to do in my life and my precious sisters' lives!

And just because I had to share a few cute things AC has said recently...

We were at the mall and we passed a big, wooden Santa figurine. He was holding his "naughty and nice" book. AnnaClaire points out Santa and says,
"Look it's SANTA! And he's holding his BIBLE! He's reading about sin!"

Every day, AnnaClaire asks to watch Rudolph. She has practically memorized that movie. She LOVES it. Anyway, the other day, she was sitting on the couch watching while Kate was still napping. She ran in my room to see if I would watch with her, so I went and sat by her and (attempted) to study for exams. She looked at me and said, "when Kate wakes up, she can watch Rudolph, too! She can sit right here (pats the couch next to her). Because she's my BEST srend!"

Kate has her fair share of things to say, too. Her speech has come along SO much. She amazes me! She hasn't even been home for 2 months yet she is already saying a few things! Everytime she sees her bunny, she says "badda." She says nigh nigh, bye bye, egg, up, all done, please, thank you, and rudolph, too! For most of them, we don't even have to say it first! She's even learning "Chick sa say!" She's doing soooooooo well.

Never a dull moment with these two... oh how I love them both!
*Gingerbread house pictures coming soon!

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Dawn said...

Beautiful post Emily.
I soooo hope Beks thinks that Leah will be her best friend!!! ;-)
What a journey it was and still is!
Looking forward to the Gingerbread pics. Wish we were right around the corner so we could come see it for ourselves.
Love Dawn