Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drew is Home!

Drew came home from China today! AnnaClaire even got to stay up past her bedtime and go to the airport (in her jammies!) with me and Dad to pick him up! She loved holding up the "Welcome Home" sign that we made for him! She was so excited to see her big brother again and smothered him with hugs and kisses when we saw him. He's been gone since August, doing a semester abroad so it is so good to have him home :) Welcome home, Drew!

By the way, I finally got Christmas pictures loaded, and also did our "2 Months Together" post. They are both under this post! (still need to work on a home update for the website... I'm getting there!)

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Catherine said...

Welcome home Drew! What a wonderful opportunity he had to study abroad, meet the amazing Miss Kate as you awaited TA and then be there when you became a family of 7 too!