Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Squeaky Shoes and Friends!

Caught in action :) (with her new squeakies!)
Sarah Lu, Bekah, AnnaClaire, Claire, and Kenzie with their daddies!
AnnaClaire and Bekah having snacks in the playroom
Such a Daddy's girl!

December 16, 2006 was our first full day in Guangzhou. We had SOOO much fun in Guangzhou. We had AnnaClaire's medical exam and she did very well. She was a little scared and there were moments of crying, but no all our screaming like lots of kids have. At 13 months, she was 20 pounds and 26 inches (if I remember correctly...) We shopped around Shamian Island with our TG which was so fun. We also had our first taste of infamous Lucy's, which we ate with Bekah and her mommy and daddy. It was such fun! We bought AnnaClaire her first pair of squeaky shoes and she LOVED squeaking when she walked. I remember how unstable she was on her feet in China. Like I said, she had started walking a week before we got her!!! She was so funny, always falling down. She loved listening to her squeakies squeak, that is for sure. We went down to the China Hotel (where we stayed in Guangzhou for AC's adoption. We liked it SOOO much better than the Asia International, which is where we stayed for Kate's adoption. However, we would have loved to be at the White Swan!) playroom with Bekah (who is getting ready to go to China with her parents to bring home her mei mei, Leah!) and her Mommy and AnnaClaire and Bekah had SO much fun playing. They loved sliding and playing with all of the toys in the playroom! We ended up having McDonalds (yes, McDonalds in China. We've had that combination wayy too many times!) with them and when we came back to the hotel, some of our other friends in our travel group were in the hall playing. All the girls were wearing their new squeaky shoes, so we turned it into a squeaky shoe party! Claire, Sarah Lu, Kenzie, and Bekah had so much fun squeaking up and down the hallways. As I'm sure you know, AnnaClaire is SUCH a people person. Just so you know, she has always been like this. You should've seen her with the other girls, who were all older than her (except Bekah, who is a week younger!) she has ALWAYS interacted so much and loved being around kids and people in general! And she's still like that! Some things just never change :)

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Staci said...

Such a fun time!!! Our little bow buddies were SO adorable together! I miss that time. That squeaky shoe party was about the cutest thing ever! All of our little girls running around and SQUEAKING! AWWW!!! I love it! :)