Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{My 16th and NHS}

I had such an awesome birthday yesterday! Thanks for all the wishes both on here and on my face*book, by the way. I got to school and my friends had painted the rock for me and everyone was telling me happy birthday, which is always special. School was anti-climatic... Mom and the little girls brought me Noodles*&*Co for lunch and Booie about had my friends and teachers in tears as she held balloons and ran over to me, singing happy birthday and hugging me. That's one way to make a girl feel special on her birthday! One of my friends brought me a huge piece of chocolate cake, too. The rest of the day was typical school and afterwards was of course, track practice. I actually threw my best ever, which was exciting! Mom and the girls picked me up and we headed home for a little before heading to my favorite restaurant ever! (On*The*Border) We had a delicious dinner, as always, and an even more delcious cake! Triple chocolate pound cake... mmm. My two lifelong friends, who I have known since we moved here 15 years ago, came over and had cake with us, which was even more fun. Afterwards, I opened presents... I got a monogrammed ring, Twi*light (the movie), another movie, and yoga pants (the most comforable things ever!) Dad and I watched Twi*light (my favorite movie/books in the entire world!!) and that was the end of the big day. It was very special and I had an amazing sweet sixteen!

And since I'm trying to catch up on pictures before we leave for a spring break trip to Texas on Friday, I went on and added pictures from our Nat*ional Hon*ors Soc*iety induction, which was today :)


Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Emily!! What a wonderful day...well, except for having to go to class. They really should make each persons birthday an annual holiday! :o)

You surprised me when you said your favourite restaurant was Over*the*Border. Guess it's another one to add to my list of restaurants to visit sometime. Still need to visit a Chick*fil*a too. :o)

What a wonderful treat for your sissies to visit you at school and that it a school tradition to paint it? How fun is that?!!

I remember you mentioning how you're looking forward to taking your little sisters for ice cream when you get your license. Won't be long now!

Happy Sweet 16 Emily!!

Traci said...

Happy 16th Birthday to a beautiful girl who has a beautiful spirit to match! It looks like it will be one to remember. That chocolate cake looks pretty yummy too!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Emily and congratulations on NHS!!! You are awesome and I would love to adopt you (bring your sisters along , too)- BUT I don't think your mom would go for it!!
So glad you had a great b-day!!
Blessings to you!!

Keri said...

Happy birthday Emily!!! Congrats on N*HS too! Great job!!!!!


Lisa said...

What a special birthday. And congrat on National Honors Society!

Glad to know you will be spending spring break in God's country!!

jeanette said...

I LOVE the pic of all 5 of you kids together. :)

sounds like a fantastic birthday. :)

Robin said...

Happy belated birthday Emily. I was just saying in an email to your mom that before you know it.. you will be 16. She wrote back and said you were 16 that day. :0) So hard to believe. Love all the pictures of your mountain trip and your grandma's visit.
Hope you have a great spring break in Texas